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Cocktail Drink Recipes Publication Featured At The Cocktail Encyclopedia features the newly released publication, The Cocktail Encyclopedia, which provides all of the expert cocktail knowledge that any cocktail enthusiast could ever want or need. Boaz, AL (I- Newswire) March 28, 2012 - When pondering about the cocktail concoction created by a professional bartender, some may think to themselves it is an easy task. The truth of the matter is, that great bartenders work for perfection for years on end with hours and hours of practicing on their resume. While many different types of shakers and cocktail makers are available on the market to provide essential help in creating cocktail drink recipes, nothing beats honest know- how on making quality cocktails in a flash. Thorough studying on the right ingredients, exact measurements and perfect blending is the only way to ensure that each cocktail drink is a hit. The Cocktail Encyclopedia shares 470 pages of genuine cocktail knowledge from Donald Noel, a renowned cocktail recipe authority whose expertise embraces thousands of unique cocktail drink recipes for any cocktail connoisseur. "The Cocktail Encyclopedia lets you in on knowledge gathered from more than 15 years of bartending and bar managing experience from the Caribbean and South Florida," says Mr. Noel. The Cocktail Encyclopedia covers over 300 pages of never- before- published Caribbean Cocktail Drink recipes including delicious frozen cocktail drinks, shooters, pina colada, highballs, Caribbean vodka and rum punch cocktail drinks that guarantee to be a smash hit among friends and peers at cocktail parties. The Cocktail Encyclopedia readers also uncover a complete section of setting up and stocking their own fully functional home bar. Also included in the encyclopedia is a section that will give everything that any one will ever need to know about planning and putting together a great cocktail party for friends at a home bar. Individuals who need the know- how on planning a "star" quality cocktail drink party should check out http:// and grab the publication that tells it all from the perspective of a 15- year cocktail expert.

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About Donald Noel has just released a 470 page cocktail encyclopedia. This encyclopedia includes over 300 pages of never before published Caribbean Cocktail Drink recipes along with a complete section of setting up and stocking a fully functional home bar. Company Contact Information: Donald Noel Published in: Art & Entertainment Tags: Cocktails    Rum    Cocktail Drink Recipes    Pina Colada     Published on: March 28, 2012 Original Source: Cocktail Drink Recipes Publication Featured At The Cocktail Encyclopedia

Cocktail Drink Recipes Publication Featured At The Cocktail Encyclopedia