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Introducing The Fiercest Gay Blog Ever: A satirical and funny gay blog, offers a humorous, light- hearted take on gay news, pop culture and current events with hilarious pictures and videos, coupled with sharp, witty, cantankerous editorial and commentary. New York (I- Newswire) March 29, 2012 - Finally a satirical and humorous gay blog striving to answer that burning question almost all sassy people think of when they look at gay news stories, pictures or videos: Is it fierce or not? Introducing: (TBIF) - the fiercest gay blog in the history of the world! In a world rife with funny current events, images and videos of Marys, Drag Queens, Twinks, Bears, Otters, Gay Celebrities, Divas, Gingers, ThunderKunts and other Fierce Species … at last there is an Internet destination where people can celebrate, discuss and enjoy fierce gay humor. gives users the power to vote and decide "how fierce" someone or something is. On a scale of one to five SNAPS, reader feedback determines what "percent FIERCE" a news story, image or video is. In addition, visitors are encouraged to voice all their aggressive, funny or catty opinions under their favorite Fierce Alias (or Drag Queen name), as well as submit pictures and videos of Fierce Subjects to be published and evaluated on the website. Featuring the sharp, witty and sarcastic commentary of the Fierce Army of contributors including : Richard Head, Coconut Grove, Amanda Bang, Izzy Cumming, Ms. Amber Guity, Shealita Baybee, Phaedra Groves, Phyllis Package, LaFonza Relli, Shayda Ginger and many others -- fierce and fabulous gay blog is the destination to free your inner Drag Queen and express all your outrageous thoughts on gay pictures, videos, news, entertainment, pop culture and current events! Additionally, TBIF offers LGBT non- profit organizations and gay philanthropies free advertising space on its homepage under its "Support Fierceness" initiative. Each month TBIF selects a cause to support and promote. For more information, or to have your cause considered to be featured on TBIF's "Support Fierceness" initiative, contact TBIF's PR/ Advertising department. About Part of the 700pm Digital Network, funny gay blog is a community of Fierce People Lovers who rate the fierceness of pictures and videos, as well as express sassy, catty thoughts and opinions about entertainment, pop- culture and current events. For more information about, visit about. For more information about 700pm, visit

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About 700pm: is part of the 700pm Digital Network. 700pm is an entertainment, technology and marketing consulting company based in NY, NY. For more information, visit / Company Contact Information: 700pm Derek Michael New York, NY 10019 Phone: 917-334-5005 Published in: Blogging & Social Media Tags: Website  funny    pictures    queer    lgbt    Drag Queens    fierce    lol    gay blog    gay celebrities    gay humor    Twinks     images viral videos     Published on: March 29, 2012 Original Source: Introducing The Fiercest Gay Blog Ever:

Introducing The Fiercest Gay Blog Ever ThatBitchIsFiercecom  

Additional Images About Part of the 700pm Digital Network, funny gay blog is a community of Fier...

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