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OCR- IT Demonstrates Power of OCR with Free Android App and Supports Aspiring Developers with Source Code to Add OCR Capabilities Demo App and Source Code for Android Developed by Host of OCR Cloud 2.0 API lets developers add the capability to process mobile images and create usable text documents to their Android apps DE (I- Newswire) March 28, 2012 - OCR- IT LLC, a fast- growing document conversion and online image recognition company, today announced a new free mobile OCR- IT Demo Android App powered by its cloud- based OCR Web API. This app demonstrates how easily optical character recognition (OCR) can be implemented for Android OS applications and spur developers to make the leap to adding OCR to newly created applications for that platform. Download the free Demo App, full source code for this app, and view screenshots here: Android App, Source Code, Screenshots "The new OCR- IT Demo Android App, for the lack of better name, and its source code are designed to help app developers bring the power of OCR to their Android apps easily and seamlessly," said company officials at OCR- IT. "In the onslaught of new apps for Android smart phones, we believe that those that integrate OCR will stand out for users. These capabilities add significant values since it lets users do more in less time by transforming paper- based documents into usable formats. We want to help more developers bring these capabilities to end users." The OCR- IT Demo Android App allows users to capture images of documents taken with a smart phone camera and to create a document library to house document images. The solution provides single- button access that extracts text in several predefined hard- coded languages in seconds. Results can be viewed in two hard- coded formats: Searchable PDF and Plain Text TXT. In addition, the OCR- IT Demo Android App offers links to external pages that provide additional information about OCR in the Cloud, as well as transparent details that allow developers to see OCR processing in action. The OCR- IT OCR cloud platform ties together high- quality OCR technologies and Csloud- based scalability through a powerful Web API. The API allows developers, regardless of background and experience, to add powerful image and picture cleanup tools and OCR in multiple languages to their applications. The API provides enhanced control over text extraction, and offers a wide selection of input and output formats. For more information about OCR- IT OCR Cloud 2.0, or to open a free development account, please visit: http:// www.ocr- ocr- cloud-2-0- api

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About OCR- IT LLC: OCR- IT LLC provides OCR, document recognition, form processing and data capture solutions served through cloud- based online platforms. OCR- IT provides large- volume document conversion services for libraries, archives, corporate and e- discovery clients. OCR- IT provides access for developers and integrators to online cloud- based OCR API for mobile and any Web- connected devices or platforms. For additional company and product information, please visit www.ocr- Company Contact Information: OCR- IT LLC Published in: Technology Tags: free app    mobile OCR    ocr api    OCR Cloud    Android OCR     Published on: March 28, 2012 Original Source: OCR- IT Demonstrates Power of OCR with Free Android App and Supports Aspiring Developers with Source Code to Add OCR Capabilities

OCRIT Demonstrates Power of OCR with Free Android App and Supports Aspiring Deve