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Market Local™ Releases Real Estate Mobile Marketing Platform Market Local™ provides mobile marketing for real estate agents with its innovative, affordable way to deliver instant information on their listings to potential buyers. Texting is how 50% of people prefer to communicate because it's non- threatening Dallas, PA (I- Newswire) March 28, 2012 - With the four hundred percent increase in mobile searches reported just in the last year by Google, the importance of mobile apps for business is increasingly apparent. Market Local™ offers Real Estate Mobile Marketing services and is launching a new specialty app for Real Estate Professionals. Market Local™ provides real estate agents with an innovative, affordable way to deliver instant information on their listings to potential buyers. Using the "text messaging" capability found on most cell phones, prospective buyers send a 1- word code to a special number. Within seconds, the homebuyer receives a message back (along with property photos!) with a description of the property, and the homebuyer's phone number is captured and sent immediately to the agent for follow- up. "Since three- quarters (73%) of U.S. adults text and 83% of U.S. adults are mobile phone owners the time for real estate agents and brokers to implement mobile marketing tactics is now", said Mike Davis, Director of Market Local™. Market Local™ creates mobile web apps with the top ten features which Google highlights as desirable for every mobile site. Google research also highlights the fact that the target audience for a mobile site is the local audience-- people nearby looking to find or contact a local business. Market Local, as its name emphasizes, understands the importance of capitalizing on this knowledge and making every businesses information mobile friendly to those nearby, who search for it on their hand- held devices. Mobile marketing is near the head of the list of projected 2012 marketing trends, and Market Local™ has been capitalizing on this area of business growth since its inception. The Google marketing research on this topic shows that nine- tenths of smart phone searches end in action, that ninety- five percent of smart phone users have used their mobile devices to look for local information, and that nearly ninety- percent of those searchers acted on that information the same day. If a business needed any more incentive to ensure the local audience can find them easily in a mobile view, those numbers should clinch it. Market Local™ works with their real estate clients, by using the client provided property listing information provided to construct and launch effective mobile marketing campaigns in a matter of days. Market Local™ also works with Google tools to provide analytical tools, GPS services (including point- bypoint driving directions and maps for users), and messaging capabilities for push notification marketing campaigns. Market Local™ has stood out among the field of mobile marketing providers since its launch, and hopes to attract the interest of growth minded Real Estate Professionals who desire effective and affordable mobile marketing strategies for success.

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About Market Local™, LLC: Market Local™ Is a Mobile Marketing Firm We Build Cost Effective Mobile Phone Friendly Business Web Apps That Get Results. Company Contact Information: Market Local™, LLC Mike Davis 62 Dallas S/ C suite 210 18612 Phone: 866-567-6607 Published in: Business Tags: text message marketing    mobile web apps    Real Estate Mobile Marketing     Published on: March 28, 2012 Original Source: Market Local™ Releases Real Estate Mobile Marketing Platform

Market Local Releases Real Estate Mobile Marketing Platform