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Omega 3 Now Being Recognized As Superfood Is Featured At is an authority website on Omega 3 that recommends XtendLife products to help individuals boost their health. New York, NY (I- Newswire) March 23, 2012 - Making it to the list of the world's superfoods is Omega 3. Comprised of DHA, EPA, and ALA, Omega 3 fatty acids offers benefits for every age group. The health breakthrough has been found to help users in a vast array of ways such as to develop better skin, reduce mood swings, treat children and teens with ADHD or ADD, lower the blood pressure, decrease the risks of cardiovascular ailments, enhance memory, alleviate PMS and menopause symptoms, aid in having a better pregnancy and postpartum health, offer joint pain relief, reduce arthritis and significantly lower the risk of cancer. Taking Omega 3 supplements on a daily basis is now widely recognized as the foundation for healthy nutrition. was created for the purpose of helping individuals find the best Omega 3 supplements for their health and lifestyle. The online resource hub specifically advises on the benefits of Omega 3 along with insights of the best brands, usages, as well as the recommended dosage to achieve optimum health each day. was created by Mary Ruddy and her team of health researchers. It provides 100 pages - and growing - of articles covering a multitude of topics about Omega 3. " aims to become a one- stop- shop for Omega 3 research, information and product recommendations. I do recommend a natural Omega 3 high quality product on my website as a solution to people looking to source the purest, freshest and uncontaminated Omega 3 fish oil available, with a detailed explanation of why certain products are better than others," Ms. Ruddy says. is aimed at directing visitors to the safest, purest, toxin- and contaminant- free Omega 3 fish oil for the entire family. As such, the website features the Omega 3 supplements from top health products manufacturer, XtendLife, which the website's team has been personally using with excellent success for the past number of years. XtendLife Omega 3 products also carry a full money back guarantee so individuals can try it completely risk- free. connects readers and visitors on every level to answer any questions or concerns they might have in a prompt and efficient manner. The website comes with a Contact page welcoming all correspondence, which is also held in the strictest confidence. To know more about Omega 3, as well as recommended quality supplement products, health- conscious individuals should visit for more information.

Additional Resources About Best Omega 3 Supplement Brand: is an authority website on Omega 3 created and run by Mary Ruddy and her team of health researchers and writers. The website strives to address people's concern's about taking Omega 3 fish oil for their health. Company Contact Information: Best Omega 3 Supplement Brand Mary Ruddy Published in: Health & Fitness Tags: omega 3    fish oil    omega 3 supplement    omega 3 fatty acids    omega 3 benefits    omega 3 fish oil     Published on: March 23, 2012 Original Source: Omega 3 Now Being Recognized As Superfood Is Featured At

Omega 3 Now Being Recognized As Superfood Is Featured At BestOmega3SupplementBra