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Ipswich Borough Council To Invest In Solar Panels For Housing Stock Ipswich borough Council is considering in investing in solar panels for its housing stock. Norwich (I- Newswire) March 20, 2012 - Ipswich borough Council is going green. Following the lead of Norwich City Council who have already invested in green energy, this year will see Ipswich devote a slice of their budget to solar panels for their housing stock. Private companies have been active, and taken the initiative to install solar panels in Ipswich. Going Solar invested in a £1.2 m scheme, and installed 2,200 solar panels on a site the size of a football pitch. Now it is time for the Ipswich borough Council to follow suit. A representative from the Ipswich Borough Council stated: "The government has established an income arrangement for people who install these things, known as the feed- in tariff… It doesn't necessarily work on every building, and the grading and state of their roofs might make things difficult," he said. However the excitement in Ipswich and the council is leading to further investigation into valuable renewable energy solutions. The announcement from the Department of Energy concerning the drastic reduction in the feed- in tariffs has put a dampener on this excitement. The council has sent of a letter stating their disappointment and put forward information about the resources they have poured into the projects in the area and how this is affecting residents of their housing stock. "Since Ipswich Borough Council first started to investigate installing solar panels in April 2010, a lot of hard work has been completed in order to get the project underway… On 31st October this year the Government announced that there is be a drastic reduction in the feed- in tariffs and much earlier than expected. The announcement has, unfortunately, made the current project uneconomic," said the council representative. Ipswich has looked towards the solar panels in Norwich and how the city council has dealt with similar issues. They are now hoping that their letter to the government will raise awareness concerning their efforts and investment into green energy, leading to better financial conditions for the continuation of the project.

Additional Resources Company Contact Information: Solar East Anglia Ben Boon Sandpit Farm, Summer Road Walsham Le Willows, Bury St Edmunds IP31 3AH Published in: Environment Tags: solar panels    solar panels Ipswich    solar panels Norwich     Published on: March 20, 2012 Original Source: Ipswich Borough Council To Invest In Solar Panels For Housing Stock

Ipswich Borough Council To Invest In Solar Panels For Housing Stock