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Brad Fallon's UQast Accepting Charter Members On Media Sharing Platform Currently, uQast by Brad Fallon, is accepting Charter Memberships with added benefits on his omni media sharing site robust with the latest ecommerce features. Atlanta, Georgia (I- Newswire) March 20, 2012 - For a limited time uQast, a state of the art easy to use media sharing site loaded full of ecommerce features, is accepting Charter Memberships with added value. Brad Fallon, a well known Internet marketing expert who has generated millions of dollars in online sales, was frustrated with other multi- media content sharing sites, so he sat down and created a design that had the features that content providers dream of. Starting from the ground up, Brad Fallon asked himself, what he would want in a content sharing site so that one could maximize their profits while minimizing the time and skills needed to create such a site. Brad Fallon's solution is uQast. Whether you are an artist, entertainer, trainer, coach, software designer, video producer or Internet marketer, uQast is a simple to use social ecommerce system that can one can brand with their name and have it up and making money on day one. Ask anyone that has created an ecommerce site and they will tell you the amount of work and expense it is to create a site with all the features one needs to make a profit online. The basics would include a shopping cart and the ability to showcase any form of media including written word, videos, audio, PowerPoint presentations and photos. The list would also include a tested squeeze page design and email capture to build an email list into the thousands. Once the site is completed, one would be faced with the daunting challenge of driving traffic and search engine marketing...a difficult skill to master. Out of the box, uQast delivers all that and more. A unique feature that sets uQast apart is the proprietary ecommerce media player that has built in features to put it in a class of its own. Imagine a video player that drives traffic by a viewer driven ranking system to attract targeted traffic, a buy button backed with a shopping cart right on the player and social media buttons to share the video with others for viral traffic generation. The content creator could even see the viewer stats without having to log in to the administration panel saving time. uQast lets you add or subtract all of these features at will. There is no limit to the bandwidth or amount of products that can be offered because Brad Fallon uses Amazon's S-3 cloud based hosting so one's site can handle massive traffic. Brad Fallon created a way that allows admirers to leave a tip for the publisher in a revolutionary tip jar. One can even leave a thank you tip of as little as 5 cents or more through the micro payment system backed by an ingenious structure that solves the problem of minimum merchant fees required by conventional payment accounts. uQast invites you to check out how easy ecommerce can be on their welcome page with a risk free 100% guarantee for 30 days.

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About uQast: uQast is a place where people can exchange and discuss ideas and information on any subject of professional or personal interest and access an unparalleled amount of valuable, free content. uQast believes that everyone has knowledge and something of value to others. Their goal is to help them share it in online community which will serve as an open, cutting- edge communication hub. While speaking, reading, writing and listening are time- honored means to communicate and assimilate information, the Internet, digital creation and editing software and exciting new technologies now enable us to instantaneously share knowledge across the globe. uQast was created as a dynamic new platform for maximizing the value of these technologies and tools, making it quick, easy and fun for anyone to publish, sell, purchase, or simply access and critically "rate" video, audio and print content on virtually any subject of choice. Streaming Video Content Newsletters Training Materials To achieve this, uQast actively seeking content that provides reliable and accurate information and knowledge, as well as content that shares or teaches ideas, skills, tools, and techniques to others, especially from recognized "subject matter experts". We believe that providing free knowledge has intrinsic value. Teaching skills and providing tools and techniques that may give others a means of potential financial gain are also worthy objectives. The uQast marketplace is focused on both distributing free content, and selling content, within: Business Networking Reviews of Products and Services Personal Development Hobbies Career Development To encourage content providers to upload their best, most valuable, "stuff", uQast helps them "tag", label, & index their content, and make it more interesting, easier to find, and more valuable to users. For example, any content provider who can type can produce a professional quality "e- newsletter" on uQast that will build even more interest among users who already like their free content. uQast has developed a unique method of analyzing and presenting input and commentary from their users, enabling them to "search" and find content of interest in new and different ways. As with any web site that allows users to upload content, uQast relies on their community of users and content providers to use their common sense, respect others, and follow some basic rules. In the end, our community of users will ultimately decide what is most valuable to them. That is why we are a true "Marketplace for Ideas". Company Contact Information: uQast Brad Fallon 3535 Peachtree Rd. NE #520-324 Atlanta, Georgia 30326 Phone: 404-909-8859 Published in: Internet Marketing Tags: online marketing  internet marketing    social marketing    digital marketing    social commerce    Brad Fallon    Social ecommerce     uQast    glen woodfin     Published on: March 20, 2012 Original Source: Brad Fallon's UQast Accepting Charter Members On Media Sharing Platform

Brad Fallons UQast Accepting Charter Members On Media Sharing Platform  

Additional Images Brad Fallon created a way that allows admirers to leave a tip for the publisher in a revolutionary tip jar. One can even l...

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