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UnHackable Movie File Turns Two Years Old Today. - Xelleon PLC Eating Cake It's a technology that has been getting allot of attention lately, and rightly so, the first pirate proof video file ever released two years ago today, and the raw file that was protected has never resurfaced hacked. Corona, California (I- Newswire) March 15, 2012 - It was two years ago (and a little bit), before Xelleon PLC (Frankfurt XLL) even existed as a company, that it's founder, Dale Scott Marion had the technology on public display through a video vending Kiosk FlixOnStix was showing off at the Consumer Electronics show in 2010. "We've given out thousands of protected videos since the first was ever handed out. To average consumers, to people sincerely trying to hack the file, to professional security experts, and we've seen and heard of copies and zip files being spread across the internet." Xelleon President Dale Marion said. "I'm happy to say, that not one of the files distributed has ever come back to us, unprotected, patched or cracked." This includes a file Xelleon had sent to self proclaimed anonymous team members back in early 2011. Since it's public debut back in 2010 the file protection and the technology itself has undergone major advancements. In late 2010 the core technology underwent a stringent 6 month review and in 2011 the technology was given a certified rating of STEALTH. The technology was adapted for the protection of document, ebooks, music, HD and 3D- HD video, and has since been created to protect files to be delivered to virtually every platform including Windows, Mac, Android, Symbian, iOs and Linux. Meaning that the protection of ebooks, music, movies and games, can reach users on any device they want to use. "From it's conception, the technology was built to allow the user as much flexibility with a protected file as possible." Marion says, "Even though it's protected, there is technology embedded within the protection that allows the user to share the file, gift it and led it out like it were a CD, and in the not too distant future, trade the files as well." The digital property protection system called impervio, apparently does all this by sitting in the cloud and delivering the protected media directly to the user upon request. The interesting thing about the whole process, is the user doesn't have to be tied to the internet to use the protected media. They can archive copies of the protected media without problems. Basically giving the consumer almost the same freedom they had with DRM Free, just without being able to post their media to torrent sites, rip it or transfer it without a new sale being made.

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UnHackable Movie File Turns Two Years Old Today Xelleon PLC Eating Cake  

It's a technology that has been getting allot of attention lately, and rightly so, the first pirate proof video file ever released two years...

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