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How To Monitor Supplier Performance From China's Manufacturing Companies Contract manufacturing and importing from China can greatly lower your costs, says Mike Weaver of Audit Weaver, LLC, and his company offers everything you need to ensure you are getting high quality product on time. Denver CO (I- Newswire) March 15, 2012 - Audit Weaver, LLC. announces a new software program, called auditweaver, that gives users direct sharing access to suppliers' material and product quality data. The software's backbone manages material specifications as well as product quality testing, or LIMS functionality, for generating a certificate of analysis. This functionality sits on top of a 'social supply chain' type of architecture providing targeted data sharing between supplier and client and is also equipped with automatic alert notifications for both process and compliance changes. For example, in auditweaver, buyer XYZ can share it's material dashboard with contract manufacturer ABC, thus alerting ABC if a material item or part is updated, or if the schedule changes. Conversely, contract manufacturer ABC can share it's product testing with buyer XYZ, alerting them of anomalies in real time and thus furthering trust in the partnership. Auditweaver runs in the cloud, so it is cost effective, globally accessible and does not require an IT department to setup. The software supports multiplatform and multi- language use, making it easy to stay in touch with suppliers around the world while on the go (iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, OSX compatible with more than 8 languages, including Chinese). "Although the software is suitable for manufacturing relationships of any locale, the abundance of import activity from China and the lack of affordable supplier performance monitoring software makes this especially exciting", says Mike Weaver, founder and president of Audit Weaver. "Three trillion dollars of Chinese products are imported into the United States every year." While some supply chain, LIMS and material tracking software require significant capital investment and rollout, auditweaver is only a fraction of the cost and can run on a user's existing computer or mobile device. The latest release of the software (version 3) will soon be available on iTunes, Android Market and Nook markets, featuring the Invite to Collaborate functionality, along with in- app credit card processing, Company Directory and multi- language support for German, Spanish, French, Italian, English, Chinese and Russian. 请Ÿœ‹””导ˆ

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About Audit Weaver, LLC.: Audit Weaver, LLC ( specializes specializes in supply chain integration, material tracking and laboratory information management systems (LIMS). With an emphasis on customer service and technical support, auditweaver has successfully assisted companies with their manufacturing requirements. Auditweaver uses its unique software and business model to help companies optimize production and improve process efficiency. Auditweaver has quickly earned the reputation of being an excellent partner and valuable resource for life science, biotech, garment, food & beverage, manufacturing, distribution, and specialty chemical companies. Company Contact Information: Audit Weaver, LLC. Mike Weaver 3999 East Dartmouth Ave 80210 Phone: 646-666-9620 Published in: Computer Tags: LIMS    material tracking    supplier performance monitoring    compliance alerts    contract manufacturing software    alert notifications     Published on: March 15, 2012 Original Source: How To Monitor Supplier Performance From China's Manufacturing Companies

How To Monitor Supplier Performance From Chinas Manufacturing Companies