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GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition Now Available Have you been waiting for the new release of the GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition? If you Have it is now available and is on sale. It has more than double the quality photos of the original HD Hero and it is much faster. New Haven, CT (I- Newswire) March 11, 2012 - GoPro released the new version of the HD Hero motorsports. It has so many new features, and capabilities it will test your video editing capability, while trying to create the best 3D video imaginable. Is superior filming capability and even the ability to film in 3D, makes it one of the smallest 1080p video cameras on the market. If you have the original GoPro now is the time to upgrade. The HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition is on sale and flying off the shelves. Many of the television shows you watch are using the GoPro to film segments of the TV show and most stores are having a hard time keeping this camera in stock. It brings all your sporting events and hobbies right to your computer screen or your big screen TV. This very small camera films in 1080p and can photgraph at 11mp. It is designed to mount to almost any piece of sporting equipment. Mount it to your surf board or your snowboard helmet. It has doazens of different mounting brackets and many ways to mount it almost anywhere. If you are interested in filming in 3D, which is incredible, you will need to buy 2 GoPro HD Hero2 cameras and also the 3D expansion kit. The expansion kit has the editing software included, the cables and the enclosure. It also has some hardware and mounting brackets included. The 3D video quality is amazing, and you will be amazed filming your self kitesurfing or mountain biking in 3D, something you never thought was possible. If you scuba dive or snorkle, you will want to get the LCD screen and the wrist mount. The LCD screen allows you to see what you are recording and also watch the play back intantly. The wrist mount will securely mount the camera to your wrist so you can swim with out holding a camera in your hand. Then when you see something really interesting you can quickly point and take a photo. The camera is a great way to also record videos for training others how to improve in their sports or activity. You can bring the recorded video home and look for different ways to improve your skill level. Just think if you are a pitcher for baseball, you can mount the camera to the catchers helmet to see exactly how you are throwing. This Camera has just come out and is an amazing camera, but dont expect to pay a really high price for this camera. It is priced relatively cheap for its compact size and capabilities. If you are interested in this camera and would like to buy it at the lowest price, visit the HD Hero2 Motorpsorts page for a discounted price.

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About HD Hero2 MotorSports: is a website that reviews GoPro Cameras and also finds the lowest prices for you. The prices are updated regularly and the reviews are non- biased reviews from person experience and inputs from other users. It contains information about all of the mounting hardware and accessories GoPro has to offer. Company Contact Information: HD Hero2 MotorSports Kenneth Brown 2824 Cheshire Road 06511 Phone: 203-410-0813 Published in: Shopping Tags: 3d  GoPro HD Hero2 cameras    HD Hero2 Motorpsorts     Published on: March 11, 2012 Original Source: GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition Now Available

GoPro HD Hero2 Motorsports Edition Now Available  

Additional Images The camera is a great way to also record videos for training others how to improve in their sports or activity. You can br...

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