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Caribbean Cruise Line Reviews Six Travel Scams To Avoid Caribbean Cruise Line destinations include Our Lucaya Reef Village, Bahamas. Caribbean Cruise Line operates in Kissimmee, Florida, Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale. Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch presents Caribbean Cruise Line reviews destinations. Grand Bahama (I- Newswire) March 12, 2012 - Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch was created to assist travelers in avoiding common vacation and travel scams. The economy is getting tighter and people are more desperate and Caribbean Cruise Line is committed to bringing you the very best information in regards to vacation planning and at Caribbean Cruise Line scam awareness is an important service we provide. That is why Caribbean Cruise Line reviews all the information it can find about common travel and vacation scams and then publishes these reviews so that all your Caribbean Cruise Line Destinations are sure to be memorable and not regrettable. Want to be a Travel Agent Scam You receive a promotion in the mail or e- mail telling you that you can travel like a travel agent or sell travel from your home. The group purports to be a large travel agency that will provide back- office support while you sell travel packages. For a fee (usually $495 or $4,900), you'll receive training and a travel agent ID card that you can use when making reservations to get a special rate. Art Scam Young and convincing "art students" befriend you on the street and persuade you to visit their school's gallery, where you find yourself getting a highpressure sales pitch to buy overpriced, third- rate work being passed off as art. Unlicensed Taxi Scam It is late, you have had a few drinks and it is a long walk home there are no licensed taxis at the rank and a man is offers you a lift. The fare seems reasonable but you could pay a much heavier price. The consequences can range from simple muggings to murder. Assorted Taxi Scams How it works: A cab driver tells you that the hotel you want to go to has burned down or just closed and offers to take you to another one where they'll get a commission for bringing you there. Or, the meter is broken, and you're charged an outrageous sum upon arrival. "You have no choice but to pay". Another con is when drivers take the long way to your destination. Accidental Drop You are waiting for a train, plane or bus, with your bags by your side, and a passer- by "accidentally" drops a wallet, money or keys from his pocket. Being honest, you grab them and run after him to return it. Your bags, meanwhile, are long gone. Taxi Money Switch Scam You're paying a fare with a 50 dollar bill. The driver drops it on the floor and switches it to a 5 dollar bill, which looks very similar. He then argues with you that you've shortchanged him.

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About Caribbean Cruise Lines: Caribbean Cruise Line offers 2- Night Bahamas Cruises from Palm Beach, Florida with the option to add a 2 or 4- Night Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort Stay. Caribbean Cruise Line Reviews is our newest program offering news and information to help people make travel arrangements. Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch is there to assist with avoiding travel scams and Caribbean Cruise Line Complaints Board fields questions and assists with solutions if you are ever victim of a travel scam. Company Contact Information: Caribbean Cruise Lines Samuel 7491 W. Hwy 192 34747 Phone: 954-567-9353 Ext. 45 Published in: Travel Tags: caribbean cruise line beaches  caribbean cruise line grand bahamas    caribbean cruise line vacation scam     Published on: March 12, 2012 Original Source: Caribbean Cruise Line Reviews Six Travel Scams To Avoid

Caribbean Cruise Line Reviews Six Travel Scams To Avoid  

Published in: Travel Young and convincing "art students" befriend you on the street and persuade you to visit their school's gallery, where...

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