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Caribbean Cruise Line Reviews 8 Travel Scams To Avoid Part 4 Caribbean Cruise Line destinations include Our Lucaya Reef Village, Bahamas. Caribbean Cruise Line operates in Kissimmee, Florida, Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale. Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch presents Caribbean Cruise Line reviews destinations. Our Lucaya (I- Newswire) March 11, 2012 - Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch was created to assist travelers in avoiding common vacation and travel scams. The economy is getting tighter and people are more desperate and Caribbean Cruise Line is committed to bringing you the very best information in regards to vacation planning and at Caribbean Cruise Line scam awareness is an important service we provide. That is why Caribbean Cruise Line reviews all the information it can find about common travel and vacation scams and then publishes these reviews so that all your Caribbean Cruise Line Destinations are sure to be memorable and not regrettable. Missing Money A pedestrian bumps against you and drops something. "If you pick it up and attempt to return it, you'll find you've got a bagful of banknotes and a bagful of trouble. That's when the careless cash- dropper accuses you of removing some of the money. Of course, the bad guy turns out to be willing to forget the whole incident in exchange for a fistful of dollars. Money Changing Scam Many crooks like to take advantage of your unfamiliarity with the currency of the country you're visiting. One common scam is called the "slow count." In busy tourist areas, some cashiers will count out your change very slowly, with confusing pauses, in the hopes you'll just take what they're holding out to you and leave. Usually the amount in their hand is way less than what you should have received. Newspaper Attack A group of children surrounds you, waving newspapers in your face. The papers are merely to confuse you and block your view as the youths reach into your pocket and grab your bag- or anything else they can get their hands on. The nudge or bump scam Crowded streets, malls, markets and railway stations are the obvious spots. While moving through the crowds you bump into a passer- by: you apologise and move on. It is only later that you notice you are travelling light - your keys, wallet or phone has gone. Phony Airline Tickets A Web site or travel agency offers a deal better than anyone else's, won't accept credit cards and instead demands direct transfer of funds. What you get is a plane ticket that's worthless. Pizza Delivery Scam Here's a scam so bad even Mickey Mouse took a stand. Guests in hotels have been finding pizza delivery menus conveniently slipped under their doors, but place an order- and make the mistake of giving your credit card number- and you'll really pay. The phone number isn't connected to a pizza parlor but to identity thieves. Room Inspectors There is a knock at your door and two men claim to be the hotel's room inspectors. One waits outside while the other comes into take a look around. While you're distracted, the first thief slips in and takes valuables left on a dresser. Security Checkpoint Hustle Before you walk through the metal detector at airport security, a person from behind cuts ahead of you. As he tries to walk through the metal scanner, the alarm rings and the line comes to a halt; it turns out he has "forgotten" to remove his keys and loose change. In the meantime, his accomplice has gone through ahead of you and is picking up all your stuff from the conveyor belt and leaving with it.

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About Caribbean Cruise Lines: Caribbean Cruise Line offers 2- Night Bahamas Cruises from Palm Beach, Florida with the option to add a 2 or 4- Night Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort Stay. Caribbean Cruise Line Reviews is our newest program offering news and information to help people make travel arrangements. Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch is there to assist with avoiding travel scams and Caribbean Cruise Line Complaints Board fields questions and assists with solutions if you are ever victim of a travel scam. Company Contact Information: Caribbean Cruise Lines Samuel 7491 W. Hwy 192 34747 Phone: 954-567-9353 Ext. 45 Published in: Travel Tags: caribbean cruise line our lucaya reef  caribbean cruise line travel scams    caribbean cruise line beaches     Published on: March 11, 2012 Original Source: Caribbean Cruise Line Reviews 8 Travel Scams To Avoid Part 4

Caribbean Cruise Line Reviews 8 Travel Scams To Avoid Part 4  

Published in: Travel There is a knock at your door and two men claim to be the hotel's room inspectors. One waits outside while the other co...

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