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Caribbean Cruise Line Presents Ten Travel Scams To Avoid Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch presents Caribbean Cruise Line reviews destinations. Caribbean Cruise Line destinations include Our Lucaya Reef Village, Bahamas. Caribbean Cruise Line operates in Kissimmee, Florida, Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale. Grand Bahama (I- Newswire) March 05, 2012 - Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch Reviews great vacation destinations, ways to save money on vacation, travel tips and tricks, travel scams to avoid and more. Caribbean Cruise Line is committed to bringing you information to assist in planning your vacation this year. As part of Caribbean Cruise Lines ongoing commitment to the industry, Caribbean Cruise Line destinations offers all kinds of travel advice. So without further ado, Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch brings you this new article. Cocktail Bar Ripoff Two male travelers in an unfamiliar city meet two pretty young women who invite them to a private room in a bar. When the bill comes, it is hugely inflated. The bartender demands cash (no credit cards, of course), and the doormen tell the travelers to pay up and leave. Desk Clerk Scam The "front desk clerk" calls late at night and explains that at shift change some forms were left unfinished. She needs to confirm that the form she has is yours, and that the information is correct.She asks if the last four digits of your credit card are 5678. You groggily reach for your wallet and pull out the card. No, you say, those aren't the last four digits.She then asks if you could just read the card number to her. You're sleepy so you don't pause before responding when she asks for the expiration date as well. Duty Free Shop Scam As has been reported in the press recently, this crime involves a traveler who is arrested for handling merchandise in the airport duty- free shop. Once in custody, the victim is introduced to a middleman who says he can gain the traveler's freedom- for a fee. The police, in on the deal, split the payment. Fake Policemen Two thieves in uniform posing as "Tourist Police" stop you on the street, flash their bogus badges, and ask to check your wallet for counterfeit bills or "drug money." You won't even notice some bills are missing until after they leave. Gypsy Baby Toss Here's a variation of the Newspaper Attack. The victim- usually a single female traveler- is approached by a gypsy woman carrying a baby in a blanket, who tosses the child into the arms of the victim. Cohorts grab the victim's purse, wallet, camera, and anything else they can snatch amid the confusion. After the crooks run away, the victim discovers that the "baby" is nothing more than a doll. The "Helpful Local" Scam Thieves posing as concerned locals will warn you to store your wallet safely - and then steal it after they see where you stash it. If someone wants to help you use an ATM, politely refuse (they're just after your PIN code). If a bank machine eats your ATM card, see if there's a thin plastic insert with a tongue hanging out that crooks use to extract it. (A similar scam is to put something sticky in the slot.) Some thieves put out tacks and ambush drivers with their "assistance" in changing the tire. Others hang out at subway ticket machines eager to "help" you, the bewildered tourist, buy tickets with a pile of your quickly disappearing foreign cash. If using a station locker, beware of the "hood Samaritan" who may have his own key to a locker he'd like you to use. And skip the helping hand from official- looking railroad attendants at the Rome train station. They'll help you find your seat...then demand a "tip." Hot Dog Scam The perp "accidentally" squirts mustard on you while eating a hot dog (it's really a tube of mustard in a bun). Full of apologies, he clumsily tries to help clean up the mess while an accomplice walks off with your carry- ons. Lube Job Scam You drive into a small town, and a helpful bystander points out that your wheel bearing is hemorrhaging oil. In fact, the bystander has just sloshed a cup of oil onto your wheel, and tells you there's a garage around the corner that'll fix your problem. The garage owner is in on the con, charges an inflated rate, and splits the take with the bystander. Missing Money A pedestrian bumps against you and drops something. "If you pick it up and attempt to return it, you'll find you've got a bagful of banknotes and a bagful of trouble. That's when the careless cash- dropper accuses you of removing some of the money. Of course, the bad guy turns out to be willing to forget the whole incident in exchange for a fistful of dollars. Newspaper Attack A group of children surrounds you, waving newspapers in your face. The papers are merely to confuse you and block your view as the youths reach into your pocket and grab your bag- or anything else they can get their hands on.

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About Caribbean Cruise Lines: Caribbean Cruise Line offers 2- Night Bahamas Cruises from Palm Beach, Florida with the option to add a 2 or 4- Night Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort Stay. Caribbean Cruise Line Reviews is our newest program offering news and information to help people make travel arrangements. Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch is there to assist with avoiding travel scams and Caribbean Cruise Line Complaints Board fields questions and assists with solutions if you are ever victim of a travel scam. Company Contact Information: Caribbean Cruise Lines Samuel 7491 W. Hwy 192 34747 Phone: 954-567-9353 Ext. 45 Published in:

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Caribbean Cruise Line Presents Ten Travel Scams To Avoid  

A pedestrian bumps against you and drops something. "If you pick it up and attempt to return it, you'll find you've got a bagful of banknote...

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