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Learn the Secrets of a Smart Body at Blog is a complete guide to exercises and workouts, and it has a wide range of tutorials to teach people the secrets to a healthy and strong body. Bowie, MD (I- Newswire) March 16, 2012 - The Blog is a guide website for a complete healthy body, and it has many physical fitness articles on a wide range of topics, which includes over training, diet, cross training and losing weight. Visit their site at http:// A popular topic at the Blog is overtraining, and people who regularly exercise have to deal with over training from time to time. Overtraining is something that even professionals have to deal with. To avoid over training, it is important to understand what actually is over training. It occurs when the body is pushed to a point during exercise where the body doesn't receive enough time to recover. The body muscles are trained more than it can handle and recover in time. It is important for muscles to completely recover. The muscles should receive good calories, crabs and proteins, and good amount of rest for the body to completely recover before the next workout. But a common question is how much is overtraining. The body should undergo enough stress so that it can recover before the next workout. The has brief guide on overtraining. The Blog also has some very effective workouts, which will blast your triceps. The triceps is a complex group of muscles located on the backside of the arm. The diamond pushup has always been one of the most basic and effective triceps pumping exercises. The diamond pushup doesn't require any equipment to perform it. The seated triceps press is also an effective exercise, and it is performed by almost all professional bodybuilders, simply because it adds strength and it widens the triceps. The one arm dumbbell extension is a variation, and it stimulates few other muscles of the triceps. Lastly, the dips are the single most effective strength booster that will blast your triceps. The has video tutorial for every exercise to blast your triceps, and new bodybuilders will easily learn it. If you are looking forward to a smart body then cross training is the thing for you. There is couple of cross training guides and physical fitness articles, which will help you to choose the right workout for you. The cross training is ideal for fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. The best thing about cross training workouts is that it keeps body in balance form by targeting different muscles. People who follow cross training workout don't have to exercise every muscle group. It improves the immune system of a body, and tone muscles. The cross training helps the body to recover from an injury in less time. There is a wide variety of physical fitness articles on, and people who are new to gym can quick start with their workout routines. To learn more about the Blog and view more fitness articles, please visit http://

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Learn the Secrets of a Smart Body at WorkoutHealthycom Blog  

About WorkoutHealthy: WorkoutHealthy offers superior fitness performance equipment, nutritional supplements, and health products at extremel...