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Austin Wellness Clinic Adds Amy Barresi, NP, to Growing Bioidentical Hormone Team Austin Wellness Clinic, a leading provider of hormone replacement therapy, has added Amy Barresi, NP, to their growing bioidentical hormone team to help meet increased patient demand. Austin, TX (I- Newswire) March 02, 2012 - Since 2005, thousands of individuals have undergone hormone replacement therapy at Austin Wellness Clinic to relieve symptoms related to menopause, andropause, stress- induced adrenal fatigue, and similar conditions. The effectiveness of the clinic's advanced techniques has led to a surge in patient demand for these services and has necessitated the expansion of the in- house bioidentical hormone team. Amy Barresi, NP, has been tapped to fill the open position. Barresi, who earned her Master's in nursing from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, is a family nurse practitioner with 17 years of experience in general practice, neurology, and bariatrics. She previously coordinated Austin Wellness Clinic's hCG weight loss program, but will now shift her focus to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and metabolic issues stemming from thyroid and autoimmune disorders. "I am excited about this opportunity to join the fastest growing branch of our practice and to serve a new group of patients," says Barresi. "A majority of the individuals we treat have been suffering from thyroid imbalance symptoms for a long time due to previous misdiagnoses or improper medications. I look forward to providing these patients with comprehensive hormone therapy so we can put an end to their symptoms for good." Barresi will be a natural fit in her new position, states Dr. John Haest, Austin Wellness Clinic's medical director. "Amy's extensive experience in bariatrics and her previous work in our hCG program make her the logical choice for our bioidentical hormone team," he explains. "She is uniquely qualified to help our patients address weight issues caused by metabolic abnormalities and to deal with other complications arising from fluctuating hormone levels. I'm confident that her transition will be seamless." As a result of this latest personnel move, Austin Wellness Clinic will be better able to accommodate increased demand for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy from both new and existing patients. To get more information about hormone replacement therapy or to schedule a free consultation today, please visit http:// Find Austin Wellness Clinic on Facebook at http:// austinwellness and/ or follow them on Twitter at https:// austinwellness.

Additional Resources About Austin Wellness Clinic: Austin Wellness Clinic (http:// is a premiere treatment center and resource for information and physicians specializing in Natural Bio- identical or Bio- Equivalent Hormone Replacement therapy as well as nutrition, hCG weight loss, genetic and allergy testing, and metabolic therapy. Comprised of a team of experts in traditional and alternative medicine, the Austin- based clinic helps individuals eliminate unneeded medications and get healthy and more youthful so they can enjoy a long life with a pain free energetic body. Company Contact Information: Austin Wellness Clinic Sushanta Parikh 1700 S. Lamar Blvd Suite 230 78704 Phone: 512-473-8900 Published in: Health & Fitness Tags: bioidentical hormone replacement therapy    Hormone Replacement Therapy    thyroid imbalance     Published on: March 02, 2012 Original Source: Austin Wellness Clinic Adds Amy Barresi, NP, to Growing Bioidentical Hormone Team

Austin Wellness Clinic Adds Amy Barresi NP to Growing Bioidentical Hormone Team