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Austin Wellness Clinic Enters Seven Years of Successful HCG Weight Loss Programs Now in its seventh successful year, Austin Wellness Clinic's hCG weight loss program continues to provide individuals with a highly effective way to achieve and maintain ideal body weight levels. Austin, TX (I- Newswire) March 02, 2012 - Since its inception in 2005, Austin Wellness Clinic's hCG weight loss program has helped thousands of patients with weight management issues. The program's long record of success can be attributed to a physician guided approach that incorporates proven weight loss aids such as human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) injections, bioidentical hormone therapy, lifestyle counseling, supplementation, and ongoing evaluations. While hCG shots for weight loss are an integral part of the treatment plan, other elements play an equally critical role. Bioidentical hormone therapy rectifies hormonal imbalances caused by hypothyroidism or other disorders; nutritional education and lifestyle counseling help patients learn how to make healthy food choices and change negative behavioral patterns; pharmaceutical grade supplements and other medications facilitate weight loss while promoting optimal health; and continual evaluations by a medical professional ensure that timely changes can be made according to patient need. "There's no question in my mind that our outstanding success rate is a product of our 'big picture' approach," says Dr. John Haest, MD, one of the physicians closely involved with the Austin Wellness Clinic program. "In many cases, weight gain is an external manifestation of an internal problem, be it hormone imbalance, thyroid imbalance, or nutritional deficiency," he explains. "Instead of just restricting caloric intake, which is what other programs focus on, we seek to identify and redress the underlying cause of the patient's weight gain in order to sustain long- term results." The Austin Wellness Clinic weight loss program is based on protocols established more than 50 years ago by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. In addition to a regulated hCG diet, injections, and supplementation, patients receive constant medical supervision to ensure their safety and overall well- being. To learn more details about hCG weight loss or to schedule a free consultation today, please visit http:// Find Austin Wellness Clinic on Facebook at http:// austinwellness and/ or follow them on Twitter at https:// austinwellness.

Additional Resources About Austin Wellness Clinic: Austin Wellness Clinic (http:// is a premiere treatment center and resource for information and physicians specializing in Natural Bio- identical or Bio- Equivalent Hormone Replacement therapy as well as nutrition, hCG weight loss, genetic and allergy testing, and metabolic therapy. Comprised of a team of experts in traditional and alternative medicine, the Austin- based clinic helps individuals eliminate unneeded medications and get healthy and more youthful so they can enjoy a long life with a pain free energetic body. Company Contact Information: Austin Wellness Clinic Sushanta Parikh 1700 S. Lamar Blvd Suite 230 78704 Phone: 512-473-8900 Published in: Health & Fitness Tags: HCG Diet    hcg shots for weight loss    CG weight loss program     Published on: March 02, 2012 Original Source: Austin Wellness Clinic Enters Seven Years of Successful HCG Weight Loss Programs

Austin Wellness Clinic Enters Seven Years of Successful HCG Weight Loss Programs