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Important Safety Tips For Using Electric Blankets, a leading online store selling all kinds of electrical appliances, provides important safety tips to consumers using electric blankets. We sell online high quality electric appliances, shares reliable and which benefits consumers. North Yorkshire (I- Newswire) February 21, 2012 -, a well- established online store selling variety of electrical appliances, offers safety tips to consumers using electric blankets. Although electric blankets are very commonly used products, if not used properly they can cause some problem. Thus, this reputed online store, in its drive to educate people to use products properly, is offering these very important tips. • Before using your electric blanket, check if it is not worn or torn, damaged temperature control, frayed electric cord. In addition, if it is more than 10 years old, discard it as its wiring may have damaged with time. • Handle your electric blankets with care as folding, sitting or lying on the top of electric blankets or creasing can damage their coil. You can check them, by holding them up to light and if any wire touches each other, do not use it for safety reasons. • Buy an electric blanket that has auto turn off feature in case it gets too hot. If your existing blanket does not have such feature, it is better to replace it with newer model. • Use only one blanket at a time. Also, do not pile it up with toys, pillows or other things. It can cause blanket to heat us excessively. • There is risk of fire in case of excessive heating and if you smell smoke, immediately take action. • Any cleaning process like washing or dry cleaning may damage internal coils; so, avoid it. In addition, never use a wet blanket. At the same time, do not turn on the blanket to dry it. All these things increase the risk of fire. The company's senior executive said, "Whether you use electric blankets or heaters or any other electrical heating product, it is important to protect your family against any possible danger. Taking precautions is paramount. Use smoke detectors at home and replace their batteries as per requirements. In addition, it is always good to practice an escape plan. Take steps for safety and enjoy a comfortable winters."

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Important Safety Tips For Using Electric Blankets