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Group Fundraising With Go Get Funding Fundraising website Go Get Funding has proven its ability to run successful group fundraisers. The fundraising site is a easy yet powerful solution that is ready to host your fundraiser now. London (I- Newswire) February 21, 2012 - Charity fundraisers, medical fundraisers and many other types of projects have been able to raise thousands from people all over the world in just a matter of days. Go Get Funding attribute this success to the simple promotional steps these fundraisers took, as explained in their promotional guide, and the ability to deeply engage with potential donors on their site. The website empowers each and every fundraiser by giving them a fully fledged 'mini fundraising site'. Their fundraiser contains their own separate updates, comments, backers and followers section. This gives fundraisers the ability to manage every element of their campaign. Creating a group fundraiser on Go Get Funding has been made as easy as possible. All you need to do is register on the site and then fill in all the essential info about your goal. Decide where you want the raised funds to go and you're off! You can start sharing your personal donation URL within minutes and accept donations immediately. Two essential tips to ensure that you run a successful fundraiser are to: - Share your fundraiser with everyone you know. You need to get the ball rolling asap. - Add video to your fundraiser. This is proven to increase levels of engagement and the likelihood that others will share and talk about your cause. Go Get Funding is different from other fundraising websites in several respects. Importantly, they have the lowest flat rate fees and they offer a great array of social features. Furthermore, the community crowdfunding feel of the website means that there's a good chance that you could also attract donations from strangers. If you need to create a group fundraising campaign, get started on Go Get Funding now. It's quick, easy, safe and secure. They also have an excellent support department that is more than willing to help you every step of the way.

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Group Fundraising With Go Get Funding