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QWOP - The New Physics Based Online Game QWOP is a highly energetic online game. QWOP/3000-2099_4-75631122.html Offers You This Physics Based Online Game. NewYork (I- Newswire) February 20, 2012 - When we are fatigued with our work, we need some break in order to re- energize us. Hence, we need some entertainment. The sources of entertainment can be many. There is a simple way that is going for internet. There is a website named http:// QWOP/3000-2099_4-75631122.html which is providing QWOP Online Game. This game is highly energetic. It gives relax to our exhausted mind. It also helps us to enrich our concentration power. Now the question that comes in our mind is what is QWOP? Here is the answer: QWOP is a ragdoll based flash game which can be played online. The founder of this game is Bennett Foddy. The game was released by the founder on his site called in November 2008. It was firstly played in New York City at the museum of modern art in July 27, 2011. It also has been a part of the event called arcade. Arcade was an event which was hosted by a video game art and a culture company named Kill Screen. QWOP is a name of an athlete who is participating in the Olympic Games. His goal is to participate in 100 meters sprint event. As a well said dictum, winning is not important in a game but it is essential to participate in the game. So participation is essential, not the winning. If you go to internet to play this game online, you will find an image of an athlete who is ready to run. The keys QWOP are made to control the movement of legs of the athlete who is ready to run fast. The keys Q and W are made for thighs and; OandPare made for calves. When the athlete has finished 50 meters, he can make a jump to overcome the hurdle. When the athlete is about to reach 100 meters, he can make a long jump. His only motive is to pass the finish line. This game is not an easy one; it is difficult to master this game. You can play this game on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App stores. This iPhone game is same as the above one, the only difference is lies in the athlete's controlling sense. The keys QWOP control athlete's legs and arms by moving his thumbs around in the diamonds which are showed on the screen. It is full of fun.

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QWOP The New Physics Based Online Game