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TakeLessons Offers Cost- Saving Tips for Music Students TakeLessons, the nation's fastest growing music lessons provider, shares a few tips for music students to help save money on private lessons. San Diego, CA (I- Newswire) February 16, 2012 - The success certainly keeps rolling in for Adele - after receiving six Grammy awards on Sunday, her album 21 has reached week 20 on the Billboard charts. One more week, and she'll have broken the record that the Bodyguard soundtrack once held. However, artists like Adele don't just wake up one day to record deals and Grammy- nominated songs. The glitz and glamour is usually preceded by strict training regimens, private music lessons and a dedication to improving. From the beginner looking for guidance to the professional seeking a second ear, the benefits of private lessons are indispensable. Of course, on the other end of the spectrum, it's very easy to think of a thousand excuses to avoid or delay music lessons. For many, the cost is a strong deterrent. TakeLessons (http://, the nation's fastest growing music lessons provider, took the opportunity to encourage students to instead think of the cost of not taking music lessons. The following is an excerpt from the TakeLessons blog post, featuring tips for cutting costs on lessons: "1. Take biweekly lessons If the cost of weekly lessons is too high, consider setting up a schedule for every other week. Although this method takes much more discipline on the student's part to practice between sessions and stay focused, you can reduce your monthly payments by up to 50%. Alternately, if you're taking hour- long lessons, try having a honest chat with your teacher and see if you can reduce your lesson duration without affecting the quality of the lessons. This is especially applicable for younger children with short attention spans. 2. Buy used instruments As a beginner student, it's not necessary to buy a brand new top- of- the- line instrument. Used instruments can be just as good as new ones, depending on how well the previous owner cared for it. Ask your friends or family if they have extra instruments that aren't being used, or look on eBay, Craigslist or Amazon for used instruments at heavily discounted prices. Your teacher can be a great resource for this and can provide great recommendations. And if you're beginning piano lessons? A keyboard is just as effective. 3. Consider in- home lessons In today's society, time is money. Even though the initial cost may be higher, think about the time (and gas!) you'll save by taking lessons with a teacher who can travel to you. In addition, students who take in- home lessons are typically less stressed - think about the times you've packed up your bag to head to your teacher's studio, only to forget an important book or piece. Last but certainly not least, practicing in the same location that you learn in can help with memory and retention. Which leads us to tip #4… 4. Practice! The best way to save money on music lessons is to avoid wasting your money. The more you practice, the faster you'll progress and improve, making the most of your cash. If you don't practice, you may end up stuck on one song longer than necessary. Also consider the quality of your lessons - are your lessons scheduled for the evening, when you're typically exhausted from a hard day at work? Maybe it's time to think about switching to a weekend morning, when you're more alert and relaxed. Make the most of your lesson time, and you'll start seeing improvements in no time." By sharing the tips with blog readers, TakeLessons hopes to continue engaging current students and help with any musical goals they may have. Readers are invited to share their thoughts by commenting on the TakeLessons blog, where they can also read advice on choosing a song's key, and comments are also welcomed on Facebook (http:// takelessons).

Additional Resources About TakeLessons: Headquartered in San Diego, CA, TakeLessons is America's full- service music and voice lessons provider. With private lessons taught by TakeLessons Certified™ instructors in cities nationwide, students of all ages can start living their dreams through music. Founded in 2006 to help people discover their creativity and pursue their passions, TakeLessons also offers turnkey music programs for schools and community centers. Company Contact Information: TakeLessons Mary Brooks 350 10th Avenue 6th Floor 92101 Phone: 877-231-8505 Published in: Art & Entertainment Tags: music  technology    music industry    music lessons     Published on: February 16, 2012 Original Source: TakeLessons Offers Cost- Saving Tips for Music Students

TakeLessons Offers CostSaving Tips for Music Students  
TakeLessons Offers CostSaving Tips for Music Students  

About TakeLessons: Headquartered in San Diego, CA, TakeLessons is America's full- service music and voice lessons provider. With private les...