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Whitney Houston: Offensive Rap Tribute Family and Fans of late Pop Queen Whitney Houston are finding the lyrics to a new rap song "Problem in Harlem" by Rapper LaPret offensive in which the manner they are stated. Washington, DC (I- Newswire) February 16, 2012 - 22 year- old Rapper LaPret has a new rap song that has leaked entitled, "Problem in Harlem". The song takes stabs at former DC Mayor Marion Barry, Director Spike Lee, the rapper Wale and praises the Madonna half- time show performance at Super Bowl XLVI this year. With that being said, the Washington, D.C. native Rapper, Songwriter and Music Producer, whom of which according to ASCAP, real name is Larry Pretlow II has managed to offend many Whitney Houston fans and family members who are still in mourning of her untimely death. In the first rap verse of the record, the rapper says "Pray our love Rest in Peace, like Whitney yo, I will always love you girl, and only you hoe, oops, no I ain't mean to say that". It's hard to imagine that a young man who has ran for public office twice and appears to be an aspiring Recording Artist would refer to a legendary singer and female of her status as a "hoe" Looking at this in a brighter perspective, the rapper pays respect to Houston by saying "rest in peace, like Whitney yo" and "I will always love you, girl" which is a reference of her biggest record. Certainly, some kind of pun was intended but not to be offensive. In further review of the verse, he continues to rap or sing about a female companion that he has left in Harlem which has left him with ninety- nine problems rather than a hundred. "..Loving you versus ninety- nine hoes" LaPret is the first Rapper to publicly pay tribute to Whitney Houston through a studio recorded song or rap record. Unfortunately, it rubs some folks the wrong way, because of the use of Houston's name in conjunction with a derogatory reference of females. The song has leaked in both Clean and Explicit versions and samples from the Tyga record "Rack City" that was produced by DJ Mustard. Hopefully, this is cleared up and looked at in a positive way rather than continuing to be mistaking for a diss at the late Pop Queen. Stay in tune at

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Whitney Houston Offensive Rap Tribute  

It's hard to imagine that a young man who has ran for public office twice and appears to be an aspiring Recording Artist would refer to a le...

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