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Toast To Your Beautiful Skin And Celebrate Valentine's Day With The Champagne Facial Celebrate the first signs of courting, the ardor of a blossoming romance and your ongoing love story with the Champagne Facial at Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary. New York (I- Newswire) February 08, 2012 - With Valentine's Day a heartbeat away, celebrity skin care guru Joanna Vargas, has announced a new addition to her spa offerings, the Champagne Facial, to help you celebrate Valentine's Day with plumped, flawless and radiant skin. The Champagne Facial is sure to make your lover emotionally inebriated, as he gazes upon your radiant visage. For the month of February only, come and celebrate love and all it stands for with this newly added skincare treatment. The Champagne Facial has several components that will make you a fresh face beauty. It starts with one of the oldest skincare secrets known to man, exfoliation. Joanna Vargas uses one of the gentlest and most advance forms of microdermabrasion to naturally polish and smooth your complexion. This is the first step to radiant skin. Vargas has also incorporated her own Vitamin C Face Cleanser, packed with antioxidants to prevent and revitalize damaged skin. Her line is used by her celebrity clients like, Rachel Weisz, Sofia Coppola, supermodel Karlie Kloss and many others. In addition, the facial massage will include a Champagne massage oil that is packed with vitamins A,C,E for renewed elasticity; Grape Seed Oil for regeneration, that will firm and plump skin; and Pomegranate Oil rich in polyphenols to heal damage and fortify the skin. Extraction will be part of this facial in order to reduce pore size, eliminating blackheads and making your skin clearer and healthier as a result. A Wine Mask rich in antioxidants, made from champagne grapes, will be used to soothe, repair and detoxify your skin and fight free radical damage and to hydrate your skin perfectly. Your facial will end with the ultimate in oxygen treatments infused with a supercharged serum that will make your skin visibly plumper, healthier and naturally radiant. About Joanna Vargas, Celebrity Esthetician, Entrepreneur and Innovator. Joanna Vargas has been a New York State Licensed Esthetician for 15 years and has clients from all over the globe ... Mumbai, Dubai, Rome, Tel Aviv, Paris, London and Los Angeles are all ports of call for her. Certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage from the renowned Dr. Vodder School International, she also holds a BA from the University of Chicago. In November 2006, she officially opened the doors to her namesake salon on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue and never looked back. In the past year alone, she has introduced the world's first LED Light Therapy BED (patent- pending) and her own organic skincare product line. Media Contact: Samuella Becker, TigressPR, 917-734-5172

Additional Resources About Joanna Vargas Skin Care Salon: Joanna Vargas Salon is a leading New York Day Care Spa and designer of the Joanna Vargas Skin Care line of products. Company Contact Information: Joanna Vargas Skin Care Salon Cesar Vargas 501 Fifth Avenue 10017 Phone: 212-949-2350 Published in: Lifestyle Tags: Best Day Spa NYC    Top Spas in NYC    Best Anti Aging Skin Care    Best Hair Salon NYC    Spa Salon New York    Skin Care In New York    Skincare Salon    Spa Serv     Published on: February 08, 2012 Original Source: Toast To Your Beautiful Skin And Celebrate Valentine's Day With The Champagne Facial

Toast To Your Beautiful Skin And Celebrate Valentines Day With The Champagne Fac