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BodyCraft Your Body and Gym With a BodyCraft Jones Smith Machine The BodyCraft Jones Smith Machine is a must for any gym. Smith machines are one of the most common pieces of gym equipment seen. Everyone who works out regularly is familiar with and most likely used the Smith Machine. Bowie, MD (I- Newswire) February 15, 2012 - There are a number of different comprehensive gym machines on the market but the BodyCraft Jones Smith Machine has them all beat. This magnificent piece of gym equipment is a must- have for any fitness centre. Its design and versatility allows gym goers to utilise what it has to offer in many different ways. The BodyCraft Jones Smith Machine enables fitness buffs to have a full range of unrestricted natural motion, and can be used in any fitness routine requiring the use of free weights. Smith Machines are a staple at any gym. They can be used safely by solo lifters, or by a group of people. Most everyone who goes to a gym regularly will be familiar with the Smith Machine and its user- friendly design. This piece of exercise equipment lets users move both horizontally and vertically with complete freedom. Unrestricted movement is incredibly important to any workout routine. The machine also comes with a set of pop pins so that it can be utilised in its traditional manner. This particular free weight machine is a must- have item for any physical- fitness oriented business. It has a variety of uses and can be used safely by just about anyone, beginners and advanced weight lifters alike. The Smith Machine was designed with three- dimensional, free range of motion in mind. It also comes with a number of safety features including spotters so that solo lifters have an added measure of security. One of the most important facts to consider when purchasing such a large piece of equipment is whether it will accommodate an individual's natural range of movement. The Smith Machine's innovative design allows for the freedom of movement and can be used for any free weight routine a weightlifter has in mind. Made of solid steel rods, beams, and bearings, the BodyCraft Smith Machine is a durable investment which will last for years and require minimal maintenance. This is probably one of its most important features because it will be a very popular free weight machine when unveiled in your facility. Less time spent on maintenance of the machine means happy gym members and more money in your pocket. Gym patrons can also rest assured that the BodyCraft Jones Smith Machine will exceed all of their free weight needs. For additional information on the BodyCraft Jones Smith Machine visit http:// Jones- Smith- Machine- Light- CommercialBody- Craft.html

Additional Resources About WorkoutHealthy: WorkoutHealthy offers superior fitness performance equipment, nutritional supplements, and health products at extremely competitive prices. We are highly praised as a paramount source for innovative and long- lasting workout equipment solutions and cutting edge nutritional science products engineered for the casual fitness enthusiast, pro athlete, or commercial gym setting. Company Contact Information: WorkoutHealthy Christopher Pruitt 12138 Central Ave, STE 920 20721 Phone: 888-277-8592 Published in: Shopping Tags: Gym Equipment    fitness equipment    smith machines     Published on: February 15, 2012 Original Source: BodyCraft Your Body and Gym With a BodyCraft Jones Smith Machine

BodyCraft Your Body and Gym With a BodyCraft Jones Smith Machine