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Specially Formulated Internet Marketing Campaign For Online Book Sales By Internet Marketing Company LLC Planning and implementing an online marketing strategy for books is different than any type of internet marketing campaign for a company. It requires exact timing, creating initial sales in a short period of time, also keeping the campaign alive. Woodbridge, VA (I- Newswire) February 07, 2012 - Marketing books is one of the most competitive industries in America, and Internet Marketing Company LLC has formulated a special internet marketing strategy to work with publishers as well as independent authors. The competitive nature of the book marketing is unlike creating a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign for a company, who would like to be an authority in their industry. The time period of making the target audience aware of the quality of the book, and creating solid initial sales is quite short, as new books saturate the market continuously. Besides these initial difficulties, keeping the buzz going in an aggressive environment like this puts further constrains on the sales, longevity of the book, as well as the author. It is a strategy that involves many aspects of internet marketing with a significant focus on pre- sales and during- sales of the book, which heavily involves Social Media Marketing, especially Online Video Marketing, as well as integrating the author with Online Communities, Blogging Communities, Press Releases and Online Book Reviews. It further involves ranking the book and the author higher within the listings of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and constantly circulating this news throughout the internet to continually creating massive enhancement to the marketing campaign. "We already have plenty of experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and managing internet marketing campaigns for businesses. Yet marketing a book on the internet is another level of strategy, where time is of the essence to create that initial big- bang, and keep it going by constantly feeding it with intense marketing efforts targeted to the right audience" says Gurhan Demirkan, The Founder of Internet Marketing Company LLC. The marketing strategy is designed with the right online component, where the only component needed from the publishers or the authors is to keep up with their offline marketing efforts to be more effective. It is no secret that offline marketing is an inevitable part of the big picture, where authors will have to do their part in workshops, expos, book signings, and anything else that is required, as these efforts should also be coordinated with online marketing campaign.

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About Internet Marketing Company LLC: Internet Marketing Company LLC is a full service internet marketing company that provides on- page and off- page SEO including effective local search engine marketing, national search engine marketing, search engine optimization, optimized website development, link building, article marketing, video marketing, keyword research, social media marketing, press release writing, press release distribution, competition analysis, analytics setup and tracking. Company Contact Information: Internet Marketing Company LLC Steven Heathrow 12504- C Lake Ridge Drive 22192 Phone: 703-763-4902 Published in: Internet Marketing Tags: SEO    Search Engine Optimization    Social Media Marketing    internet marketing company    online video marketing    Online book marketing    Published on: February 07, 2012 Original Source: Specially Formulated Internet Marketing Campaign For Online Book Sales By Internet Marketing Company LLC

Specially Formulated Internet Marketing Campaign For Online Book Sales By Intern