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World Class MBA Education At Your Doorsteps: KIAMS Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) was launched over a decade ago in Harihar (Karnataka) by the Kirloskars, understanding the urgent need to further managerial and organizational excellence. Pune (I- Newswire) February 04, 2012 - Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) was launched over a decade ago in Harihar (Karnataka) by the Kirloskars, understanding the urgent need to further managerial and organizational excellence. In 2010, the institute added a second campus near Pune (Maharashtra). KIAMS is a world class MBA education institute in India, and is one of the top ranking B- Schools. The KIAMS Pune campus has world class amenities. Since the courses involve intensive time and energy commitments over two years, the institute has hostels, which are elegantly furnished and provide all the facilities that any student would require. These hostels are provided within the campus. Gopal Iyengar has this to say about the institute, "Our beliefs hold that everyone has a potential and worth, which cannot be measured on a common scale, and that there is ample room for everyone in the field of Management. Thus each individual has a potential which can find a niche in Management." He further says that, "Our Processes will aim beyond delivering good education. The invitation to the student is to master theory but eschew being theoretical. The individual is encouraged to explore with a sense of responsibility to find the potential that s/ he wishes to convert to professional performance." The institute boasts of contemporary education and has an excellent industry interface. The institute has an experienced faculty, a lot of whom have spent a considerable amount of time in the industry. Apart from this, eminent guest speakers are invited from across the world to give lectures on varied topics. These speakers are from the industry as well as from the academia. The institute has a huge library filled with useful books, periodicals, journals. Apart from this, the institute also provides free membership to the British Library (Pune). It has a fully equipped, modern computer lab. The institute has all the modern facilities for studying and living, and provides one of the best environment for students to develop and hone their skills. Ravi Sukumar, a current student of KIAMS Pune says, "KIAMS has been one of the best learning experiences in his life ever. The insitute provides world class MBA education at a reasoable cost. Moreover, it also has a patronage of Kirloskars. Given a chance he would like to come back again for further studies." As of now the institute has a two year fully residential Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Programme to train and develop managers for the next millennium. The thrust of the program is to prepare truly global managers - with capabilities to manage successfully in the fast changing global economy. This program helps them become effective leaders, understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and look for opportunities to grow by overcoming weaknesses and sharpening strengths. It helps them prepare mentally to challenge the future. They also develop capabilities to convince other people and at the same time become proactive team players. The announcement for this program appears in leading newspapers and on the institute website at the end of the year. Graduates, at least a three year bachelor's degree, in any discipline with an aggregate of 50 percent or more marks are eligible to apply. Candidates appearing for the final examination for the bachelor's degree can also apply, provided they complete their degree course prior to the commencement of the PGDM programme. The course fees is pretty reasonable. The institute also helps meritorious students, who cannot afford to pay the fees, by giving them scholarships. The students and the faculty get a chance to do research at KIAMS (Pune). They are also able to publish their research in scholarly journals. Through this, the institute contributes to the research and development in the field of management by doing original research. You can read some of the research publications at http:// research.php. It is not all work at the institute. The institute organizes events for students across the year. These events have games, programs and shows based not only on the fields of studies, but also from the fields of arts, theatre, and music. Important personalities from the field of arts and music are invited to perform at these events. Students get a chance to showcase their skills. The faculty also participates actively in these events. The KIAMS Pune Campus is another feather in the cap for KIAMS, and also for the Kirloskars. All in all, a great place to be. For more information, visit: http:// . Our Facebook page is here to keep giving you news and latest updates. Especially information like what's happening, faculty speak, admission dates etc, here's the Facebook page link: For admissions related queries contact Gururaj at or Call at 09535007893 Gururaj, Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS), +91 9535007893 email

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About Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies: In the fast, furious, frantic environment that today's organizations work in, second place is not an option. "Anything goes" is the code. And time itself is against you. We believe that's when you need to take time off. To hone your skills. And then hone them again. To catch a breath, and then catch up on the latest. To get set, before you go. Nestled on the banks of river Tungabhadra, is a 6 acre setting that allows you to do just that. One that inspires creative thinking and clears the mind before unleashing it again. It is an idyllic yet intense atmosphere. Welcome to KIAMS. A Brief Profile: For over a century now, the Kirloskar Group of Companies, one of India's largest industrial conglomerates, has been growing and enriching lives. In 1991, KIAMS was conceived as a training institute and a knowledge hub where Kirloskar Group managers shared their learning and caught up with the latest movements and concepts n management. In 1995, the training institute was opened to managers all other the country. Activities: Management Development Programs - for training and consulting education for industry executives Consultancy - in India and abroad Research Company Contact Information:

Company Contact Information: Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies Mr. Gururaj K Khasnis Gut No. 356 & 357, Near Tata Foundry Village Dhamane, Taluka Maval Pune - 410 506. Maharashtra (Indi Yantrapur Harihar - 577 602 Karnataka (India) Pune - 410 Phone: (08192) 241269 Published in: Education Tags: kiams  kiams ranking    KIAMS PUNE    KIAMS HARIHAR    Kirloskar Insttitute of Management    KIAMS MBA    Kiams Rankings     Published on: February 04, 2012 Original Source: World Class MBA Education At Your Doorsteps: KIAMS

World Class MBA Education At Your Doorsteps KIAMS  

Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies (KIAMS) was launched over a decade ago in Harihar (Karnataka) by the Kirloskars, understa...