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Professional Salons Get New Organic and Natural Solution to Solve Eczema, Psoriasis, Scalp Dermatitis, and Chronic Scalp Irritation While over 20% of salon clients in the United States have eczema, psoriasis, scalp dermatitis, or chronic scalp irritation; very few salons currently have any capacity of servicing them leaving a valuable and loyal market untapped. Palm Harbor, FL (I- Newswire) January 27, 2012 - Organic Salon Systems, the leading provider of high- performance, organic, and natural professional salon products; announced the introduction of its new Soothe Plus Scalp Care Package. This new package is exclusively available to salons that, after receiving the package, will be uniquely equipped with innovative products, in- depth education, and world- class support to service clients with skin disorders commonly affecting the human scalp such as eczema, psoriasis, scalp dermatitis, and chronic scalp irritation. The offering, which is open to all licensed salon professionals, is expected to help salons increase their income by an estimated 15% - 18% over the next 6 months. For salon clients who are suffering from eczema, psoriasis, scalp dermatitis, or chronic scalp irritation; professional beauty services cannot only be painful, but embarrassing as well. While studies conducted by the American Contact Dermatitis Society indicate that over 20% of the population in the United States is inflicted by one of these skin diseases, the number of salons that are equipped to deal with such clients is almost non- existent. Further, studies have indicated that traditional medical approaches to treating these skin disorders put the scalp at heightened risk of compounded discomfort in the future. Organic Salon Systems has launched its Organic Scalp Care initiative around its exclusive Soothe Plus product line. Soothe Plus is formulated with certified organic ingredients, and natural extracts to naturally reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin and scalp. It calms, cleanses and rebalances sensitive scalps naturally back to their proper pH. The Soothe Plus product range is comprised of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments. The active ingredients in the Soothe Plus products include fennel seed oil, white willow bark, sea mayweed, geranium oil, bergamot fruit oil, and comfrey; all of which are certified organic ingredients. Scott Mitchell, Organic Salon Systems' chief executive officer, commented, "We are taking a bold and innovative step in providing a package which includes extraordinarily effective organic products, comprehensive topical knowledge, and valuable marketing materials to target and treat the large and heretofore un- serviced marketplace that is comprised of those individuals that suffer from eczema, psoriasis, scalp dermatitis, and chronic scalp irritation. In doing so, we invite all salon professionals to take this step with us and enjoy what we believe will be their most loyal and valuable client base." The Scalp Care Specialty Salon package, which is being offered at a considerable discount by Organic Salon Systems to licensed salon professionals only, includes: • 1 back- bar Soothe Plus Conditioner; • 1 back- bar Soothe Plus Shampoo; • 2 Soothe Plus Box Retail Kits; • 3 retail Soothe Plus Shampoos; • 3 retail Soothe Plus Conditioners; • 3 retail Soothe Plus Treatments; • 30 in- salon client brochures; • 1 "Specialized Scalp Care" window cling; • 2 "Specialized Scalp Care" mirror cling; • 2 "Specialized Scalp Care" counter shelf- tents; • access to online training materials; and • an Introductory training call with an Organic Salon Systems Technical Manager. Licensed salon professionals can call (888) 213-4744 or visit http:// to get started with their Organic Scalp Care package. About the Active Ingredients in the Soothe Plus Product Range Fennel Seed Oil and Extract - One of the earliest known herbs used in astringents and perfume mainly to soothe inflammation to skin. Fennel also acts as a protectant from damage to hair due to peroxides. It is an anti- oxidant and anti- irritant. White Willow Bark - Used as a successful pain relief, and in ancient Greece used also as a fever- reducing property. The American Indians used willow baths to cool fevers and indeed, the extract of willows contains salicylic acid, a close cousin of aspirin. Willow Bark has anti- microbial and anti- inflammatory properties. It also enhances skin cell turnover, removing dead skin cells and generally improving the appearance of the skin and scalp. Sea Mayweed - Known for its anti- oxidant, anti- inflammatory and soothing properties. Soothes scalp and protects against free- radicals. Contains 11 amino acids essential to proper hair health, as well as important vitamins and minerals. Geranium Oil - A close relative to the rose, used for many years to treat burns, inflammation and hormonal balancing. It is now being used in many "antiaging" products on the market. Geranium is also used in the treatment of oily, clogged skin, dermatitis and eczema. Bergamot Fruit Oil - Known for its antiseptic properties, this oil derived from the rind of an orange, is used in many perfumes and brilliantine hairdressing products. Bergamot is also known to be considered a prime photo- sensitizer (sensitivity to light). Another common use is for treatment of oily skin and scalps. Comfrey- Herbalists know this as the healing herb, and have used it for years as a rapid wound healer. The leaf and the root both contain allantoin, mucilage, tannins, starch, inulin, steroidal saponins and pyrrolizine alkaloids. Comfrey is rich in B12 and proteins. Overall it is a widely used herb in many products.

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About Organic Salon Systems: About Organic Salon Systems: Organic Salon Systems (the "Company"), headquartered in Palm Harbor Florida, has been serving the professional salon industry since 2003. The Company provides hairdressers with high performance products that maximize the use of gentle, nourishing, organic, and natural ingredients while minimizing the necessity for harsh or damaging chemicals. The Company is the exclusive marketing and distribution company for several more natural and organic professional salon product lines including Organic Color Systems, Hanz de Fuko, O'Right, and KeraGreen throughout the United States and Canada. Organic Color Systems is a revolutionary full range of professional salon products including our tightly integrated color, curl, care, and connect lines. Hanz de Fuko is the incredibly popular range of professional quality natural men's styling and hair care products. O'Right is the world's most eco- friendly professional salon product line featuring bottles and packaging that grow trees when planted after use. KerGreen is a full range of innovative, formaldehyde- free, organic keratin treatments exclusively for salon professionals. The Company's offering also includes other complimentary products, education, advisory, and consulting services. The Company's website can be found at http:// with online ordering available at http:// Company Contact Information:

Company Contact Information: Organic Salon Systems Troy Raszka 35095 US 19 North Suite 201 34684 Phone: (888) 213-4744 Published in: Business Tags: Health  Psoriasis    beauty    eczema    skin    dermatologist    spas    Dermatitis    scalp    stylists    Cosmetologist    Salons     Published on: January 27, 2012 Original Source: Professional Salons Get New Organic and Natural Solution to Solve Eczema, Psoriasis, Scalp Dermatitis, and Chronic Scalp Irritation

Professional Salons Get New Organic and Natural Solution to Solve Eczema Psorias  

Bergamot Fruit Oil - Known for its antiseptic properties, this oil derived from the rind of an orange, is used in many perfumes and brillian...

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