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Gingezel Sci Fi Saga Launched Twelve years in the making, the Gingezel science fiction saga is launched and available in most ebook stores. Focusing on realistic characters, the first two novels take them through a reactor accident and the consequences. Cozy sci fi by scientists. Lethbridge, Alberta (I- Newswire) January 24, 2012 - Twelve years in the making, the first two books in the Gingezel science fiction saga are now available in most ebook stores. The focus is on realistic characters living through the events leading up to, and the aftermath of, a reactor accident. The cozy style, more commonly found in mysteries than sci fi, has a mix of technology, science, adventure, and romance. The series is written by wife and husband physicist team, Judi Suni Hall, PhD., and Donald S. Hall, PhD., also internationally published poets. Gingezel 1: The Limit explores the idea that there is a fine line between pushing the limits of technology and pushing your luck. Some people think Dr. Mitra Kael, power systems engineer, crossed that line with her new hybrid reactor installed on the remote mining planet Drezvir. Subject to xenophobia for the duration of her stay, Mitra wants to never see Drezvir again. She is out to forget it all on the ultimate pleasure planet, Gingezel. But events catch up with her and her holiday lover as his computing system is hacked and she gets a call from Drezvir. How much was she pushing her luck? Gingezel 2: Bad to Worse picks up the pace, working on the premise it is always a mistake to ask what else can go wrong. It focuses at a personal level on the reactions of the main characters as things go from bad to worse, and on their growth to meet the challenges. Mitra is headed back to Drezvir to face the consequences of her reactor overpowering. Dr. Durstin Fallor, Chief Power Engineer on Drezvir, is struggling to save the mining colony in a red blizzard that just won't quit. Dr. Dreen Pendi, CEO of Nemizcan Computing and Mitra's lover, thinks losing touch with Mitra is a disaster until he hears the news from his friends who are caught in their own personal hells. Chett Linderson, VP of Field Operations at Nemizcan, is the wild card in this hand. When things go from bad to worse, does he have the strength to give up everything he has dreamed of and play the hero? Don says, "Twelve years ago when we started this series we could never have imagined the nuclear accident in Japan that makes this so relevant. We were just looking for a plot line that had drama to it and that we were comfortable writing given our backgrounds. In a lot of sci fi there is some sort of accident - a space ship or space station or whatever blows up. So we created what we thought might be a future energy technology and wrote about it. What we were more interested in was following the characters through these events." Judi adds, "This series will appeal to the reader who is looking for real people to get involved with and a complex plot line that evolves throughout the series. We try to end each novel with a bit of a cliff hanger, which adds fun." When asked what readers can expect next, Don said, "Gingezel 3: Fault is written and should be out this year. Expect Gingezel 4: Hacker in 2013. After that, look for space sports. We had a great time creating the Galactic Octagla league. Currently we are exploring quantum mechanical machine- based sentient creatures." Co- authors Judi, with her nuclear and engineering risk background, and Don, with his computing and nuclear background, speak with authority about their technologies. Judi's PhD. is in theoretical quantum nuclear physics. She designed safety systems for AECL, Canada's nuclear laboratory, and ended up Technical Manager of their Risk and Reliability Evaluation Consultancy. Consulting she did for the Canadian Space Agency led to a permanent love of the idea of humanity spreading into space. Don's PhD. is in theoretical physics modeling liquids. His research at AECL was in flux detector design, tomography, and finally Artificial Intelligence. En- route to a NASA conference Judi caught a severe virus that changed both their lives. The next 10 years were a write off while they struggled to rebuild. Don now runs Apps & More Software Design and has a caregiver role since Judi is still largely bedridden. He says, "It was those long hours for her that led to the idea of creating this series. It gave us something interesting to talk about, to create, and ultimately to share with others. The intent was to write books for people looking for a distraction - a series to get lost in that has drama but is not excessively violent." Judi adds, "The series is great for killing time while you are doing something like waiting for an appointment or a plane." The Gingezel series is available for $3.99 per book at most major e- bookstores. Gingezel 1: The Limit ISBN 978-1-4657-9841-1 Words 141381 Published by Gingezel Inc through Smashwords Gingezel 2: Bad to Worse ISBN 978-1-4661-1358-9 Words 176799 Published by Gingezel Inc through Smashwords.

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About Gingezel, Inc: About Gingezel Inc. Gingezel Inc. is founded and owned by Donald S. Hall, PhD. and Judi Suni Hall, PhD. It is sited in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada and makes available to the public their writing, poetry, designs, fine art, and photography. The philosophy of their writing is to provide the reader with cozy entertainment built around fictional characters and situations that are realistic, to provide a future reality complex enough the reader can immerse themselves in it. The philosophy in poetry and design is to share the joy of creating beauty, and to make beautiful objects affordable while maintaining a high quality. Please visit and share the beauty. Company Contact Information: Gingezel, Inc Don Hall 1508 - 17 Avenue South Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada T1K 1A6 Published in: Art & Entertainment Tags:

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Gingezel Sci Fi Saga Launched  

Judi adds, "This series will appeal to the reader who is looking for real people to get involved with and a complex plot line that evolves t...