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Empire Media Partners Announces the Release of the Aquarius Project EMP's Aquarius Project, a set of Mobile Customer and Prospect Management Tools, Premieres today at the Women's Living Expo Kansas City, MO (I- Newswire) January 23, 2012 - Being introduced at the Women's Living Expo, Empire Media Partners, LLC announces the immediate availability of The Aquarius Project, a set of Mobile Customer and Prospect Management Tools. Named in honor of Aquarius, A New Age & Metaphysical Store that was the first customer to adopt the solutions, The Aquarius Project is designed to create an immediate ROI for businesses of any size and industry who want to capture current and prospective customer data and pursue mobile marketing and email campaigns. "A recent survey indicated that 73% of all small businesses have not engaged in mobile marketing," said Valerie Lynch, Empire Media Partners' Founder and CEO. "Considering that the install base of smart phones have more than doubled in the last year, it's time more companies stepped into the mobile marketing arena." "We have always been on the forefront in our marketing efforts through the use of technology," said Barbara Criswell, owner of the Aquarius New Age & Metaphysical Store. "We are fully immersed in leveraging social networking to stay in touch with our customer base. By adding the Aquarius Project to our marketing toolbox, we are well equipped to expand our customer base and reach our customers and prospects wherever they are." Customers can text "Aquarius" to 77948 and they will have access to all text alerts. By scanning the QR Code, customers and prospects can opt in for enewsletters and exclusive e- coupons and specials. The Store will be using the Aquarius Project at their Broadway store, as well as at all off- site events to measure ROI and stay in touch with everyone they meet. "The Women's Life Expo is an excellent venue to showcase The Aquarius Project," said Lynch. "It's scalable and can be used to capture data at a Point of Sale, or be fully engaged in a large trade show with high traffic." Both Criswell and Lynch will be available in Booth #415 for the duration of the Expo. About Barbara Criswell Before founding Aquarius in 1989, Barbara Criswell was the Vice President of Marketing for the National Fidelity Life Insurance Company. She has been actively involved in fostering and retaining business in Kansas City's Westport and Crossroads Districts, and has recently served for two years as President of the Broadway Westport Council. The Broadway Westport Council is a membership association of businesses, non- profit organizations, and neighborhoods that promotes and supports maintaining and improving Kansas City's Broadway Westport area as a desirable place to live, work, and conduct business as well as enjoy shopping, dining and entertainment. About Valerie Lynch Valerie Lynch, Founder and CEO of Empire Media Partners, helps businesses gain momentum, market share, and mindshare in the field and on- line. Bringing 20+ years of marketing and sales innovation, she helps small to medium sized businesses see growth in sales and customer retention. Valerie enjoys skiing, design, international travel, collecting Lalique Glass from the 1920s, and gourmet cooking. She received her Bachelor's Degree from Missouri State University and earned a Master's in Visual Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University. She spends a significant amount of time working with clients to identify the gaps in their marketing strategy. Using these inputs she identifies key innovation areas to ensure businesses are staying current with their tech- savvy customers. Lynch asks this timely question: "Mobile Media Marketing is revolutionizing the way companies are reaching out to current and prospective customers. Do you want to be ahead of the curve or play catch- up?" Press Contact: Valerie Lynch Email: Phone: 816-668-9500 About Empire Media Partners Empire Media Partners provides event marketing and business operations support services that assist businesses of all sizes to reach their customers, close business, and perform core business functions focused on customer retention. EMP is a 100% Women Owned Business Enterprise. Supporting Resources Aquarius New Age & Metaphysical Store, http:// Empire Media Partners, LLC, http://

Additional Resources About Aquarius: Aquarius was founded in 1989 and is a bricks and mortar retail store serving the New Age, Metaphysical and Spirituality market with candles,aromatherapy oils, herbs, incense,stones and crystals, religious jewelry and statuary, books and oracle decks. They also have internet sales on their webpage. The physical location is at 3936 Broadway, Kansas City, MO 64111, in their owner- occupied building. Company Contact Information: Aquarius Barbara Criswell 3936 Broadway, Kansas City, MO 64111 Phone: 816-931-6303 Published in: Events / Trade Shows Tags: event marketing    QR code    text marketing    Mobile Media Marketing    Women's Living Expo     Published on: January 23, 2012 Original Source: Empire Media Partners Announces the Release of the Aquarius Project

Empire Media Partners Announces the Release of the Aquarius Project