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Hand And Wrist Institute Now Treats Boxers Fracture Los Angeles residents can now count on the Hand and Wrist Institute for Boxer Fracture repair. Los Angeles (I- Newswire) January 17, 2012 - Are you looking for the best hand clinic Los Angeles has to offer for boxer's fracture? For those that don't know, boxer's fracture is a type of break in the metacarpal bone usually in the pinky finger. It often happens in the narrowest point sometimes called the ìneckî of the bone. This type of fracture gets its name, to put it simply, because that's what most people are doing when they have this type of fracture. This finger has a tendency to lead when a punch is thrown. Or at the very least, this break resembles that of someone clinching their fist and punching something harder causing this break. This could be a wall or an opponent's head. Boxer's fracture can send extraordinary pain into the finger. It's almost amazing how such a small bone can have so many nerves in it. But the right Beverly Hills hand doctor can fix it and get the boxer back in the gym in no time. Of course the other side of that is, the wrong Beverly Hills hand doctor can mess things up and cause the fighter serious delays in training. Treating a boxer's fracture is a pretty straightforward procedure for the best Los Angeles hand center. The specialist takes a snapshot of the finger to determine how bad the fracture is. They'll usually do this with an x- ray to see how much displacement there is. In minor fractures, the hand specialist will often defer to a splint for a set period of time. If it is more severe, the hand specialist will likely use pins to set the course of healing. If boxer's fracture is left untreated, it could result in some very undesired effects. Sometimes the bone can heal just fine altogether. Other times it could cause permanent deformity. The patient may even have trouble grasping things with the finger that they normally could. This causes strain on other fingers and joints possibly even leading to arthrities, or the need for carpal tunnel surgery. Of course these are extreme cases. But why would anyone want to risk a chance of getting arthrities or the need for carpal tunnel surgery over a simple fracture that can be reset by a specialist. Boxer's fracture may not be the biggest of problems a fighter may face. But then again, sometimes it's the little things that can grow into bigger issues down the road. It's important to align yourself with the best sports injury surgeon Angeles has; and ensure a speedy recovery back into the gym.

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About Hand and Wrist Institute: The Hand and Wrist Institute at D.I.S.C. is one of the region's leading medical practices dedicated solely to the diagnosis, treatment and care of hand, wrist and upper extremity injuries, deformities and disorders. Under the direction of the highly- skilled Dr. John T. Knight, a board certified, Fellowship- trained orthopedic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience, the Hand and Wrist Institute seeks to find the best solution for each patient to bring life back to their hands. While most patients benefit from conservative treatments, for those requiring surgery, the Hand and Wrist Institute uses the most current research and technologies with a minimally invasive approach resulting in a faster and less painful recovery period. Our ultra- clean state- of- the- art surgical center features advanced arthroscopic and endoscopic capabilities with all procedures performed on an outpatient basis. A hallmark of our practice is Stitchless Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release and wrist arthroscopy. Both provide immediate relief to patients for a wide- array of ailments with minimal scarring and significantly reduced trauma to the surrounding tissues that is associated with the traditional "open approach" all with the goal of restoring motion and function for an active lifestyle. Company Contact Information: Hand and Wrist Institute John Knight 8750 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 350 Beverly Hills CA 90017 Phone: (888) 426-3074 Published in: Medical Tags: carpal tunnel  hand surgeon    boxer's fracture     Published on: January 17, 2012 Original Source: Hand And Wrist Institute Now Treats Boxers Fracture

Hand And Wrist Institute Now Treats Boxers Fracture  

Published in: Medical Boxer's fracture can send extraordinary pain into the finger. It's almost amazing how such a small bone can have so ma...

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