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Leading Mattress Reviews Website Upgrades Ratings on Berkeley Square and Beautyrest Belmont Mattress reviews website, QMattresses, increased the ratings on the Stearns & Foster Berkeley Square and Simmons Beautyrest Belmont mattresses while downgrading the Sealy Comfort Balance Ellington. Los Angeles, California (I- Newswire) January 15, 2012 - Leading mattress reviews and ratings website, QMattresses, announced today that it has changes the ratings on three mattress products within the mid- market and value mattress segments. The ratings upgrades for mid- market mattresses include an increase from 4 Stars to 5 Stars for the Stearns and Foster Berkeley Square mattress, and an increase from 3 Stars to 4 Stars for the Simmons Beautyrest Belmont Mattress. The upgrades reflect the website's growing list of reviews within the mid- range mattress group and highlights the features, materials and quality that the manufacturers invested in these products. "Our unique, proprietary Mattress Ratings system is not a fixed solution. It calls for regular upgrades and downgrades if it is to provide any value at all to our sophisticated visitors," said Christopher Fitch in a statement. "That is why, as our mattress reviews list grows and the average quality, features and products levels shift and change, the product ratings themselves will shift and change as well." In addition to the upgrades outlined above, the website also made one downgrade in its Value Mattresses Peer Group. The mattress impacted was the Sealy Comfort Balance Ellington mattress, which moved from 3 Stars to 2 Stars. The reason for the downgrade, according to information available on the website, is the product's inability to compete with newer, more- advanced and feature- rich alternatives within the group. "Although the US is showing signs of life in some pockets of the economy, consumers still seem to be sensitive to mattress price points," Fitch said. "This makes the Value mattress segment an attractive one for people who are looking to replace their mattress, which not only explains why the mattress manufacturers are improving the quality and adding features to their products within this group, but why newer products are consistently raising the bar as far as features and quality are concerned." The mattress industry seems to be taking a more aggressive stance with their less- expensive product lines, according to Fitch. "The big players have a busy year ahead of them in 2012, with improvements and enhancements in the pipeline for their value mattress lines. Outside of the innerspring market, we are also expecting to see big competition and lower prices in the advanced memory foam segment." The website's Star rating system assigns a "Star Rating" to each mattress it reviews, ranging from a low 1- Star to a high 5- Star rating. Ratings are assigned on a curve- adjusted basis, with eighty percent of mattresses ranging from below- average to above- average. The website lists a dozen different quantitative characteristics that impact a product's individual rating. In addition to mattress ratings, the website's mattress reviews offer target pricing points that suggest what a consumer should pay for the mattress as well as personalized expert responses about sleep health from leading mattress personality Peter Cancelli. "Our mission statement is to help the consumer find greater satisfaction with their mattress purchase process," Fitch said. "Our mattress reviews website, the content we offer and the ever- evolving mattress ratings process, allows that."

Additional Resources About Quotestork Media Inc.: Quotestork Media Inc. is a digital media company that offers specialized products and marketing services. Company Contact Information: Quotestork Media Inc. Chris Blanchet Phone: 8884182538 Published in: Home and Family Tags: mattresses    mattress reviews    mattress ratings     Published on: January 15, 2012 Original Source: Leading Mattress Reviews Website Upgrades Ratings on Berkeley Square and Beautyrest Belmont

Leading Mattress Reviews Website Upgrades Ratings on Berkeley Square and Beautyr