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National Credit Solutions Providing Free Credit Repair and Improvement Consumer Guide National Credit Solutions, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, now provides a free credit repair and consumer credit education guide. Consumers can download the free credit repair manual directly from the home page: Ontario, CA (I- Newswire) January 13, 2012 - National Credit Solutions, a 501(c) (3) non- profit organization, is now offering a free credit repair, restoration and educational guide for immediate download directly from the home page of their website located at The free guide covers far more than the basics of consumer credit detailing some of the best ways to boost your credit score, how to keep your credit safe, how to avoid common credit use mistakes, how to work with professional help and also how to build healthy debt and credit habits now and maintain healthy credit and debt habits in the future to avoid repeating credit mishaps. The free consumer credit guide represents only one aspect of fulfilling the non- profit mission of National Credit Solutions. "Our mission is to provide free counseling and educational materials as well as free credit analyses to consumers," remarked Patricia Acuna, Director of National Credit Solutions. As such, the free consumer credit guide fulfills an important educational goal. "After reading the guide, if a consumer would like to speak to one of our representatives for follow up questions or to request a free credit analysis, we will always be available to help" reports Mrs. Acuna; "We understand that people with credit issues frequently like to research their options and learn as much as they can before deciding on a specific plan of action and we believe this free guide will help them learn more about their options and how they can maintain positive credit long term." American consumers have a wide variety of places to turn for information on credit repair, debt management and maintaining a good credit rating for life. National Credit Solutions seeks to offer more than the average organization and/ or company directly through their website,, through outreach and initiatives. To download the free guide, navigate to Consumers seeking a free credit analysis may visit the website or call toll free at + 1-888-278-9118.

Additional Resources About National Credit Solutions: National Credit Solutions is a 501(c) (3) non- profit organization located in Ontario, California. NCS maintains a ten- year track record of providing high quality results for consumers that want to improve their credit scores and a wealth of free educational materials to the public. For more information, National Credit Solutions can be reached at +1-888-278-9118 and at Company Contact Information: National Credit Solutions Patricia Acuna, Director 3125 Guasti Road Ontario, Califonia 91761 Phone: 1 (888) 278-9118 Published in: Non- profit Tags: credit repair    credit restoration    free credit repair guide    free consumer credit guide     Published on: January 13, 2012 Original Source: National Credit Solutions Providing Free Credit Repair and Improvement Consumer Guide

National Credit Solutions Providing Free Credit Repair and Improvement Consumer