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SOFX Board Appoints Directors, Various Officers and Other Department Assignments Seoul Options and Futures Exchange is Preparing for the New Year of Trading Seoul (I- Newswire) January 08, 2012 - Seoul Options and Futures Exchange announced its Board of Directors (Board) named for this year's public directors and officers, and assigned committee representatives. During the recent meeting, the SOFX Board of Directors appointed Gi Jeong- Ho, Yi Soon- Kwon, Kim Rimhak and Won Pyong Oh as public directors who will each serve a one year term. The board has elected officers and members for the executive committee. Jang Eunseong was named as the Board Chairperson. Other board officer positions named were as follows: Kyong Jihn Eui as the first vice chairperson and Ri Sung Cheon as second vice chairperson. "As SOFX continues to grow and diversify business, we will look to the leadership on our board of directors to guide the company into the bright future," Kim Yeong- Sil, President of SOFX said. "On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank each member for his commitment to SOFX. We openly welcome the returning board members, newly elected members and public directors and look forward to using our past as a stepping stone so we focus on the bright future of SOFX," Mr. Yeong- Sil said. Department and committee assignments were also identified at the meeting. A list of chairpersons is listed below for your benefit. The particular department is listed followed by the name of the individual heading that committee. Conduct of Business - Gi Jeong- Ho Cash Markets and Derivatives - Benjamin Wonha Clearing House - Kim Rimhak Contracts - Ree W. Lee SOFX Room - Daniel Han Finance - Woo Byeong Futures Trading Conduct - Rho Moo- Young Membership - Kyong Mannque Nominations - Yi Soon- Kwon Human Resource - Chonghan Woo- Suk Regulations Oversight- Kim Hwang Quotations - Won Pyong Oh If you are interested in learning about all the newly- appointed board members, you can visit the website at You will also be able to find the list of nominees that were also viable choices.

Additional Resources About SOFX: SOFX enjoys a strong presence in the East Asia options and futures market. We are a fully electronic exchange dedicated to the development of derivative markets worldwide. SOFX is an industry leader in the financial derivatives market, IT solutions as well as in clearing services Company Contact Information: SOFX Byung Do 4 Ka Jangchung- Dong 100855 Phone: 827078934962 Published in: Business Tags: futures    seoul    sofx     Published on: January 08, 2012 Original Source: SOFX Board Appoints Directors, Various Officers and Other Department Assignments

SOFX Board Appoints Directors Various Officers and Other Department Assignments