Issuu on Google+'s Blog Has The Right Physical Fitness Articles by Fitness Experts Whether you're a fitness connoisseur that hits the gym everyday or a beginner that wants to make a healthy lifestyle change,'s blog has the right fitness article for you. Bowie, MD (I- Newswire) January 11, 2012 - After splurging on fancy dinners and the best champagne on New Year's Eve, most of the U.S. will wake up with incurable headaches thinking, 'I'll start my resolution tomorrow.' And like most people in the U.S., our resolutions have much to do with getting fit. Maybe you won't be able to hit the gym on New Year's Day, but start the year off right by checking out's blog which offers not only tips on healthy eating and staying motivated, but also offers physical fitness articles and diet tips written by health and fitness experts. The blog is filled with physical fitness articles for all levels, beginner through expert. But if you're already familiar with exercises and gyms and just need help deciding what exercises are best for you's blog has three must- read articles for toning and strengthening your 2012. Shannon Clark has been working in the personal training field for over 8 years and although started working with competitive athletes, she has recently decided to focus on those wanting to lose body fat and gain lean muscle mass. In her article on rack pulls vs. deadlifts, Clark gives three questions that all fitness buffs should ask themselves before deciding which one is better for your body and goals. While Clark's article focuses on strengthening back muscles, Whitney Dickinson's article focuses on the arm muscles and challenges EZ curl bar vs. straight bar. Dickinson gives you the rundown of what bar you should use if you want a complete arm workout or if you're trying to isolate the biceps brachii. Dickinson is a National Strength and Conditioning Association certified personal trainer and is currently working on a Master of Science in Kinesiology. And for those of you wanting to increase absolute strength Michael Chapdelaine writes about the difference between weightlifting and powerlifting, plus gives a sample powerliftng routine that can change big muscles into a rock solid body. Chapdelaine is not only a professional writer but also a powerlifter himself, who has competed in USA Powerlifting, the US Powerlifting Federation and the American Powerlifting Federation. With all these fitness experts from different backgrounds, everyone can find some physical fitness articles that relate to their body and will help make their resolutions start taking shape, a strong, fit shape. For more physical fitness articles visit .

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