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How Card Counting And Technology Affected Blackjack Analysts of number one blackjack site Ace Ten have examined the history of blackjack and came to the conclusion that both technology as well as card counting had a big impact on the way the game is played. A summary of the full report follows below. South Bend (I- Newswire) December 28, 2011 - In the early 50's of last century, most casinos were just using a single deck for blackjack games and they would play every single card in the deck. It was the normal way to play the game and casinos didn't know any better. They didn't realize that playing with just 1 deck would make it possible to beat the game. Card counting was discovered by some smart gamblers in the late 50's of last century and, even though casinos didn't realize it immediately, it had affected the profitability of casinos. In the 50's casinos were checking for card marking and other obvious ways of cheating, but card counting was not a very wellknown method for gamblers and casinos. Aside from not being very well- known, casinos also weren't too worried about it in the beginning. Computers were not common in those days, so it was hard to calculate what the exact effect of card counting was. Casinos thought they would always have the house advantage and they thought no system could be winning in the long run. Groups of people that did have the knowledge of card counting treasured that knowledge and tried not to share it with a large group, to prevent casinos from banning the practice. They could spend days playing in casinos and counting cards. Because casinos didn't have computers or cameras yet to monitor the games, they never really noticed that some players were changing their betting patterns and they had no way of keeping track of the card counters. Things changed when a book about card counting was released around 1965. The book described how to become a winning player at blackjack by counting cards. The book contained very clear, computer- made calculations and it was very easy to understand. Casinos started to take countermeasures to card counting and the game began changing into the game we play now. The single deck was replaced by multiple decks and casinos decided to stop playing every card of a deck. But it was not just the game itself that changed, the security around the game changed as well, casinos are now full of cameras and people watching your every move. Blackjack authority Ace Ten concludes the report saying it was not just card counting that made casinos change the way the game is played. With the emergence of technology was probably inevitable that the game would've been changed to prevent casino losses. Besides that, monitoring casino games has also become easier. For more news about blackjack, please visit ace-

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How Card Counting And Technology Affected Blackjack  

Aside from not being very well- known, casinos also weren't too worried about it in the beginning. Computers were not common in those days,...