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New Service Helps Seniors Find Assisted Living In San Diego, CA. Now Seniors And Their Families Can Find The Best San Deigo Assisted Living Options, With Much Less Stress. California (I- Newswire) December 23, 2011 - San Diego has long been known for its sunny weather, nice ocean breezes and beautiful California Sunsets. No wonder so many aging seniors decide to make San Diego their home. However, finding the best options for Assisted Living in San Diego can be an overhelming task. San Deigo County currently has over 700 assisted living communities and picking the right community for yourself or a loved one can be a stressful decision. How does one select the right option for Assisted Living in San Diego when there are so many choices to choose from? A local California based company has now made the process of finding assisted living options a lot easier. We Know A Place is a FREE senior care referral and information service. The company works with thousands of assisted living communities throughout Southern California and has currently just expanded into San Diego County. "Our service is simple" says Mike Harriman of We Know A Place, "we provide a free service to the public and our care partners provide us a marketing fee if they get a move- in." Although there are already other companies with similar business models, We Know A Place plans to stand out by providing supreme customer service and FREE advice. "We realize that many people just need the basic information, so they can make the proper decision without feeling obligated," says Harriman. If a senior or their family decide to move their loved one into an assisted living community, then the community will pay a referral fee to We Know A Place. This pay by performance business model, allows We Know A Place to keep their services free to the public. "Since there are so many assisted living communities in our network, it really does not matter if a resident picks option a or option b," says Harriman. "However, both the community and the family win because ultimately it is about findind the best match for both parties." Finding the best options for Assisted Living In San Diego can be an overwhelming task, We Know A Place helps by making that process a little bit easier. For more information about finding the best Assisted Living in San Diego visit or call 800-500- Place.

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About We Know A Place: We Know A Place, Inc. is a FREE Elder Care Referral & Information Service. We help families find the best elder care and assisted living options for their aging loved ones. We are funded by the senior care industry so there is never any obligation for our advice. For more information visit our website at or call anytime 800-500- Place. Company Contact Information: We Know A Place Mike Harriman 14111 Freeway Drive Ste. 300 90670 Phone: 800-500-7522 Published in: Society Tags: assisted living    assisted living san diego    san diego assisted living     Published on: December 23, 2011 Original Source: New Service Helps Seniors Find Assisted Living In San Diego, CA.

New Service Helps Seniors Find Assisted Living In San Diego CA