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TakeLessons Shares 3 Artists Who Rocked 2011 As the year comes to an end, TakeLessons explores a few bands that music fans may have missed. San Diego, CA (I- Newswire) December 22, 2011 - It may not even be the end of the year, but many music industry buffs are already getting their spring music predictions underway. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? With so many new artists entering the scene and so many ways to find the newest bands, it can be easy to miss what could be the next big thing. TakeLessons (http://, the nation's fastest growing music lessons provider, took the opportunity to share a few bands that fans may have missed over the course of the year, as originally compiled by NPR. The following is an excerpt from the blog post: "Of Monsters And Men: The Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men made its debut with My Head Is an Animal, an impressive set of epic folk- pop. Its dynamic sound combines the warmth and earnestness of Seattle's The Head and the Heart with the anthemic surge of Arcade Fire in impeccably crafted, heartfelt songs that feature male/ female lead vocals, exuberant group harmonies, sing- along choruses and endlessly catchy pop hooks. Canon Blue: Canon Blue is the alias of Nashville's Daniel James, a multi- instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and touring member of the Danish band Efterklang. Written while touring with that group, and recorded during off hours at its Copenhagen studio, Rumspringa is anything but a casual side project. It's an orchestral pop masterpiece with intricate arrangements, cascading melodies and emotional depth. Apparat Organ Quartet: If Kraftwerk made an album in 2011, it would probably sound like Pólýfónía - great for driving the Autobahn, the back roads or the Internet. A playful set of mostly instrumental synth- rock, it combines analog synths, organs and other vintage keyboards with driving drums and occasional vocodered vocals." By sharing the list with blog readers, TakeLessons hopes to continue engaging current students and help with any musical goals they may have. Readers are invited to share their thoughts by commenting on the TakeLessons blog, where they can also learn tips for singers to increase their range, and comments are also welcomed on Facebook (http:// takelessons).

Additional Resources About TakeLessons: Headquartered in San Diego, CA, TakeLessons is America's full- service music and voice lessons provider. With private lessons taught by TakeLessons Certified™ instructors in cities nationwide, students of all ages can start living their dreams through music. Founded in 2006 to help people discover their creativity and pursue their passions, TakeLessons also offers turnkey music programs for schools and community centers. Company Contact Information: TakeLessons Jon Crim 350 10th Avenue 6th Floor 92101 Phone: 877-231-8505 Published in: Art & Entertainment Tags: music  technology    music industry    music lessons     Published on: December 22, 2011 Original Source: TakeLessons Shares 3 Artists Who Rocked 2011

TakeLessons Shares 3 Artists Who Rocked 2011  

"Of Monsters And Men: The Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men made its debut with My Head Is an Animal, an impressive set of epic folk- pop....