Issuu on Google+ Seeks to Convince Conan O'Brien to Flash America for Breast Cancer Awareness is an online fundraiser that is attempting to convince Conan O'Brien to Flash America in one of his TV shows to raise $50,000 for Breast Cancer Research. Mesa, AZ (I- Newswire) December 20, 2011 - The website aims to capture the attention of Conan O'Brien by making him a deal. The deal is if the fundraiser is able to raise $50,000 for breast cancer research, then Conan will be allowed to choose which 501 nonprofit organization will be the recipient of the funds. But the catch is that Conan must flash America on one of his TV shows to be able to choose. Conan O'Brien has proven to become a television icon by performing on his self- titled late night talk show "Conan" on TBS. His hosting style has been described as creative, spontaneous, and humorous. Conan has a huge online following, including more than 4.5M followers on twitter. "Conan is the perfect candidate to make this deal with because of his enormous online presence and his willingness to push everything to the edge," explained Mike Hansen, one of the website's creators. Another creative feature about this fundraiser is the way in which it will raise the $50,000. The website is not asking users to donate their own money. will be able to raise $50,000 with the help of the website's corporate sponsors. Corporate sponsors are companies that spend thousands of dollars in online advertising trying to get their name in front of potential users of their websites. Instead of investing their money in online advertising, the corporate sponsors will pay for each user that registers for free at their website. targets to rally 50,000 people to join in order to have $50,000 donated to Breast Cancer Research. "The biggest obstacle a person faces when deciding whether to donate to a cause or not is whether they have the funds to do so. By eliminating this obstacle, it allows everyone the opportunity to participate in such a fun, worthy cause," explains Hansen. Currently, SwagBucks is's corporate sponsor. SwagBucks is a loyalty website that allows users to earn free prizes for playing games, watching videos, and searching the Web. For every person that simply registers for free at SwagBucks, $1 will be donated to breast cancer research. Users that join will also have their facebook profile picture added to the Flash Us Conan Book, which will showcase all 50,000 users that helped raise $50,000. When the fundraiser's goal has been reached, the book will be printed and given directly to Conan O'Brien. According to Hansen, Conan O'Brien currently has no idea about the concept behind Hansen explains, "Hopefully, with the power of social media, Conan can receive and accept the challenge." For more information about the project, you can follow the FlashUsConan twitter page or visit http:// and take part in the fun yet worthy cause.

Additional Resources About Flash Us Conan: The Owner of, Eric Andersen is raising money for breast cancer research because one of his co- workers was recently diagnosed. The goal of the fundraiser is to convince, "The Conan O Brien", to flash America on national TV to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Anderson hope to accomplish this by making him a deal. The deal is if the fundraiser raises $50k, then Conan O Brien can choose which nonprofit organization will be the recipient of the $50k. Company Contact Information: Flash Us Conan Eric Andersen 2044 N 30th St Mesa, AZ 85213 Phone: 801 885 5402 Published in: Art & Entertainment Tags: Breast Cancer Awareness    Conan    Flashing     Published on: December 20, 2011 Original Source: Seeks to Convince Conan O'Brien to Flash America for Breast Cancer Awareness

FlashUsConancom Seeks to Convince Conan OBrien to Flash America for Breast Cance