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WATER EXECUTIVE Forum Slated for March 6-7 The 2012 WATER EXECUTIVE Forum will be March 6-7 in Las Vegas as a co- located event at the WQA Aquatech USA. The 2012 Forum will feature top executives from leading water businesses, and allow attendees to learn more about this key business. LITTLETON, Colo. (I- Newswire) December 19, 2011 - Investment opportunities and the state of the global water business will be important themes discussed at the 2012 WATER EXECUTIVE Forum here. The March 6-7 Forum will be co- located at the 2012 WQA Aquatech USA conference that will be conducted at the Las Vegas Convention Center here March 6-9. The 2012 WATER EXECUTIVE Forum will include top executives at leading public and private water companies, as well as presentations by individuals active in the investment side of the business. Speakers will come from companies active in a broad spectrum of the water business, including treatment equipment, specialty chemicals, and instruments, among others. Companies represented will be active in fields such as produced water, high- purity water, and industrial water. This will be the 7th WATER EXECUTIVE Forum. Previous conferences were conducted in Philadelphia and Somerset, N.J., between 2004 through 2009. The Forum is sponsored by ULTRAPURE WATER journal and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT magazine. Meeting details and registration information is available at http://, by calling 303/973-6700, or e- mailing Sponsors ULTRAPURE WATER and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT are bi- monthly technical journals available on- line that are published by Tall Oaks Publishing. ULTRAPURE WATER focuses on high- purity water treatment such as is used in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and healthcare, laboratory, and power generation industries. INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT covers such areas as produced water, cooling towers, cooling water, boiler water, process waters, industrial wastewater, and water reuse, among other topics. Additionally, Tall Oaks Publishing offers an extensive listing of industrial and high- purity water treatment books through its on- line bookstore. A complete listing of books and CDs offered is available at http:// ZENCART/. The web site also offers details about Premier Subscriptions to ULTRAPURE WATER journal and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT ( More information is also available by calling 303/973-6700, or by emailing

Additional Resources About ULTRAPURE WATER journal and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT: Tall Oaks Publishing Inc. publishes ULTRAPURE WATER and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT. ULTRAPURE WATER is a bi- monthly on- line journal that follows the business and technology of high- purity water treatment. INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT is a bi- monthly magazine that covers the water business and water used at industrial facilities. Additionally, Tall Oaks Publishing organizes the ULTRAPURE WATER Pharma, ULTRAPURE WATER Micro, and WATER EXECUTIVE Forum conferences, and offers several books and CDs on key water treatment technologies. Since 1984, the two journals have published more than 1,700 technical articles on water treatment topics. Information is available at these Internet sites: http://, and http:// Company Contact Information: ULTRAPURE WATER journal and INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT Mike Henley, editor Phone: 303-745-3890 Published in: Water Tags: networking    events    Trade Shows    markets    Water    ULTRAPURE WATER    Water Business    Industrial Water     Published on: December 19, 2011 Original Source: WATER EXECUTIVE Forum Slated for March 6-7

WATER EXECUTIVE Forum Slated for March 67