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Tetris Game Portal, Offers Loyal Gamers An Online Free Gaming Hub A free online gaming portal, is dedicated to offering enthusiasts the chance to play the retro game Tetris. Lemmer (I- Newswire) November 30, 2011 - The online gaming world consists of a wide variety of games that that could tests a person's skills and enhance some, such as hand- and- eye coordination and decision making, with the ultimate goal of scoring points and winning. The Tetris game is one of them, which not only tickles the brain, but is also highly entertaining. As a result, Tetris has become one of the classics that people from all age groups find enjoyable. Originally a concept of Alexy Pazhitnov, a Russian mathematician, the standard Tetris game in created in 1984 has, over time, evolved into a game characterized by often colorful blocks that need to be aligned as they fall down vertically. Although premised on a simple gameplay, Tetris requires thinking skills as well as coordination. As proof of its success, the game sold over 100 million copies just for cell phones alone. is a website that offers just that: free Tetris games. On the website, visitors will find all kinds of Tetris clones based on different themes from the classical Russian version of the game to the more modern and kid friendly Cherry Bomb version that can be played right from the web browser. is home to the now- cult puzzle- like games that include Tetris Sprint, Mario Tetris, Quatrix, Tetris 2D, Sonic Blox Tetris, Classic Tetris, Tetris D the Game, Cherry Bomb Tetris, Tetrix 2, Tetric Pit, Tetris Flash, Tetrix Eww, Matching Tetris, and Tetris Returns. Tetris challenges the way a person strategically thinks without resorting to violence or explicit situations. Simple and good- natured, it enhances a player's overall thinking as well as mental skills when played regularly. In fact, research reveals that playing Tetris for 1.5 hours per week can aid in the positive development of girls' brains. Owing to these facts, Tetris has earned enormous success everywhere, and is considered to challenge players' thinking in a good way and make them smarter. Individuals of any age or gender who want to play Tetris online should visit http:// and enjoy hours of great and challenging fun.

Additional Resources About The online gaming portal is totally dedicated to the retro game Tetris. Visitors can play all kinds of free Tetris clones on the website. Company Contact Information: Michiel Drenth Willem Barendszstraat 3, KW Lemmer, The Netherlands 8531 Phone: +31 6 111 979 44 Published in: Art & Entertainment Tags: tetris    tetris online    free tetris    tetris for free     Published on: November 30, 2011 Original Source: Tetris Game Portal, Offers Loyal Gamers An Online Free Gaming Hub

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