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Dominican Singer- Songwriter Octavio Patxot Release New Bachata Single Singer- songwriter Octavio Patxot announced Wednesday that his latest single, "Me Mata la Pena," will be released and available on iTunes and other online stores December 10. Orlando Fl (I- Newswire) November 28, 2011 - "This song is very catchy, have good danceable rhythm, has very emotional lyrics, and has a captivating love story," said Patxot, artistically known as Octavio. "Me Mata La Pena translates to I am dying of sorrow." Me Mata la Pena does not only has a contagious, beautiful melody and danceable rhythm, Patxot said, but it also has a very beautiful and sad love story behind it. "This song represents a common life situation," Patxot noted. "Sometimes two people love each other, and they do everything possible to stay together; however, life, destiny- does not permit this to happen." Patxot explained that the storyline behind the song, "is one of those situations when everything is against relation: Distance, family, financial situation, etc." The release of Me Mata La Pena could also prove to have perfect timing. According to NDP Group, an industry leader in market research, consumer trends, and analysis, the demand for Dominican- style music has increased by 42 percent over the past 24 months and is expected to continue an upward spiral through 2020. Characteristically known for his new unique style of pop and Bachata, Patxot said his newest single was written specifically for people who have lost love ones, and can't move on, and for people who believe that life is not fair sometimes. Alex Gracie, 41, said he is one of those people who has felt that life for him has been unfair at times, but found comfort in Patxot's newest release. "I've been in and out of love all of my life and for me, relationships have always been hard for me, but this song really does hit home on the emotional level, but I also found myself dancing to the music, so it's not only a good song, but you can tell that it's coming directly from the heart. In my opinion, when it comes from the heart, it's hard not for it to be uplifting because it speaks directly to the problem and makes you feel better about it, which this song does." Writing from the heart is something Patxot said he does with all of his songs. "Universal things that happen in life, so I like to deliver messages in my music, not just plain lyrics and melodies," Patxot stressed. "I am sure this song will touch some nerves in many people, because life is not fair sometimes." For more information about singer- songwriter Octavio, visit: Click here to watch video Visit artist website here to listen to his latest songs

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Dominican SingerSongwriter Octavio Patxot Release New Bachata Single