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VOIP Phone Systems Launch Southern Californian business owners can now count on VOIP Phone Systems to help make their business more profitable and efficient Los Angeles (I- Newswire) November 28, 2011 - VOIP Phone Systems, a premier Internet phone installation company, has launched its website - http:// to announce the availability of its Voice Over Internet Protocol services to California residents. Mark Young, head of the VOIP organization, says the purpose is to match customers with expert VOIP phone installers in their respective cities. Having access to the state's best and most experienced system installers, the organization also provides technical support, system maintenance and on- site and carrier services. The organization's Phone Systems website lists 100 cities and towns where it provides fast installations at affordable rates. It highlights services in some cities where it has details on the status of VOIP. VOIP phone San Diego conditions, for example, are highly favorable to business owners. The features of regular telephone systems are provided via a la carte pricing, features already available in VOIP for a much lower cost. Prices for long distance calls and maintenance are also significantly lower. One particular detail in Orange County is the better use of bandwidth. Most computer systems in the area only use about 30 percent of their full capacity. VOIP only uses up a small portion of unused bandwidth, any equipment problems about their VOIP phone Orange County businesses worry about is minimal because of this. VOIP systems in Irvine can use their flexibility as their main advantage. With a VOIP phone Irvine business owners can change locations and receive their phone calls wherever they go, without using a cell phone. And since a VOIP call uses the Internet, phone calls are more affordable and less physical equipment is needed. Los Angeles businesses stand to save a great portion in their budget once they switch to VOIP, because additional phone lines are cost more under the regular phone system. With the VOIP phone Los Angeles business owners only need to use the computers they already have, which makes it easy for them to increase or decrease their communications systems to suit their needs. With hundreds of successful VOIP installations and a Better Business Bureau Rating of A +, VOIP Phone Systems is sure to provide business owners the best VOIP installation service. Although technically they work using the same IP technology, VOIP is different from IP telephony, mainly in that VOIP uses the public Internet to carry voice communications. IP telephony uses the data network of a private company as the main channel, and only works within that company's system. Still, IP telephony and VOIP are interchangeable terms, whatever context they are used.

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About VOIP Telephone Systems: Business owners all over Los Angeles are discovering the advantages of VOIP phone systems. Even the staunchest skeptics have talked to enough of their peers to decide their business would benefit from contacting a Los Angeles VOIP phone systems installer. After the first meeting, each person realizes that VOIP phone systems provide all of the traditional phone features through their existing computer network, so let us facilitate connections for your business. Company Contact Information: VOIP Telephone Systems Mark Young 3610 Motor Ave Los Angeles, CA

3610 Motor Ave Los Angeles, CA 90034 Phone: 888-383-0005 Published in: Appliance & Tool Tags: voip  Communication    Phone System     Published on: November 28, 2011 Original Source: VOIP Phone Systems Launch

VOIP Phone Systems Launch  

About VOIP Telephone Systems: Business owners all over Los Angeles are discovering the advantages of VOIP phone systems. Even the staunchest...