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Seven Seas Worldwide Introduce The 'MoveCube' International shipping company Seven Seas Worldwide has launched a new service for people on the move: The MoveCube. Kent (I- Newswire) November 16, 2011 - Building on the success of recent years, Seven Seas Worldwide, an excess baggage specialist, has unveiled a new service allowing customers to ship household furniture. Moving domestically and internationally, the MoveCube is essentially a large box which arrives at the customer's door inside a trailer. Customers can move anything inside this box from clothes and sports equipment to beds and refrigerators. The MoveCube is then taken away to the customer's next destination at a time of their choosing. With the MoveCube, the customer is in charge - they do the packing and fill the MoveCube to their specifications; the Seven Seas Worldwide team handle all the shipping. The MoveCube comes in three sizes and can handle a variety of moves from a small room in a flat to a two- bedroom house- clearance. Director John Henderson explained the reason for the big move was to 'move big': "In the past, our field has been the smaller move and although we will continue to cover this area and build on our reputation, we're also keen to branch out and offer more and better services to our customers. With the MoveCube, we're stating our intention to cover more than just excess baggage." Seven Seas Worldwide has been moving people's personal belongings and excess baggage for over 15 years. For more information about the company and the MoveCube, visit the website or call 0800 21 66 98.

Additional Resources About Seven Seas Worldwide: Seven Seas Worldwide move excess baggage and personal belongings around the world. Catering for all sorts of customers ranging from the holidaymaker with one suitcase too many to the family starting a new life abroad, Seven Seas are the first choice for many holidaymakers, travellers and expats, providing a variety of other services including storage, tax refunds and money transfers. Company Contact Information: Seven Seas Worldwide Michael Spicer Hythe Road Smeeth TN25 6SP Phone: 0800216698 Published in: Transportation Tags: shipping    Worldwide    Relocation    move    Cube    Seven Seas    seven seas worldwide    movecube     Published on: November 16, 2011 Original Source: Seven Seas Worldwide Introduce The 'MoveCube'

Seven Seas Worldwide Introduce The MoveCube