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Rift: Planes Of Telara Currency Promotion To Meet Market Demand BYGAMER, an online game service provider has launched a hot sale event on rift gold this week. DE (I- Newswire) November 10, 2011 - BYGAMER, an online game service provider has launched a hot sale event on rift gold this week. Since began to operate in March, 2011, Rift: Planes of Telara has gathered a large number of players, especially in Europe and America. Based on customers' feedback and market demand, this hot sale event was published with favorable price and enough stock. RIFT have undergone six times of testing and been officially on line in March this year. Since released it has enjoyed high popularity and support, regarded as the strongest rival of wow. In this game there are four occupations for players. But in accordance with experience points, players can choose to learn deputy professionals. Actually, RIFT provides over ten occupations available to players, with high playability. Its advanced UI interface setting well serves players to raid and farm in the game, with high quality surpassing wow. As a result, following wow gold and rs gold, rift gold ranks on the top hot sellers on BYGAMER as well. This is another offer to meet players' demand. With large customer base, almost all the events on this site end up with good results and great benefit to customers. This is because all the events are planned according to players' needs and feedback. No matter the what games' events, there will be many players to participate. During the just ending Halloween promotions, the guild wars 2 gold event has attracted more than 50,000 customers to enjoy the cheap game currency. "Your services supporters are very kind and friendly. For my mistake, I selected the wrong amount when I placed the order. Later I connected to your service supporters. They did not complain and helped change the amount soon. Just for your services supporters I will continue to purchase on your site." this is one of the messages the customers left on its message sector. The staffs told us that this hot sale is in progress with positive results. This is likely to be another win- win event for both the customers and this site. In order to expand their business, they are working hard to improve their services and site system. The executive of this site quoted, "we are pleasure with the current achievement we have gained. But this is not our final goal. We are working hard to do better. We want to sell wow gold and new product Firefall gold and other games gold at the lowest price among the same sites."

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Rift Planes Of Telara Currency Promotion To Meet Market Demand