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Dog Trainers In Ottawa,, Offers Clients 40Year Experience Of Care And Peace Of Mind With over 40 years of combined experience in dog training, Bark Busters Ottawa East provides top- of- the- line dog training services through its website Ontario (I- Newswire) November 08, 2011 - Having a dog as part of a home can be a rewarding experience for an individual or a family. Just like humans, however, dogs have different personalities and training them to improve behaviour can be a very tricky, and oftentimes a daunting task for any pet owner. In this regard, it pays to find the right dog training specialists to do the job effectively and efficiently. Bark Busters Ottawa East In- Home Dog Training offers customized, one- on- one, at- home training for the pooch. Being in the dog training industry for more than four decades, Bark Busters has helped over 500,000 dogs become better friends with their guardians. Bark Busters passion for dogs and its non physical approach helps build lasting cooperation and compliance from each animal. Dog training in Ontario and Ottawa East including Hull, Gatineau, Navan, Cumberland and Aylmer, is led by the Bark Busters team and Certified Behaviour Therapists and Master Trainers Dianne and Richard Sarasin who can be counted on to employ proven techniques are dog- friendly, results- oriented and guaranteed for life. Specializing in evaluating and treating behavioural problems in domestic dogs, Dianne gives advice to dog owners on a daily basis and contributes to the Dog Trainers Ottawa Dog, the Orleans Star and La Nouvelle. She has also appeared numerous times on television providing advice to dog owners. "We have forty years' worth of observing, learning and hands on experience. Needless to say, we are passionate about dogs. Since childhood, watching animal behaviour has always been a favourite activity, and that still applies today," the Sarasins explain. Detailed at, the Sarasins offer training to develop or alter a wide range of dog behaviours to turn them into the ideal man's best friend. In particular, can help with puppy training, leash training, stop dog barking, separation anxiety, aggressive dog behaviour, jumping, and general obedience training. With a full understanding of canine language and social systems, also teaches owners to effectively communicate the natural way a dog understands, so the message will be clear and result in cooperation and compliance from the pet. Departing from other dog training companies, the dog trainers in Ottawa East strongly believe in its positive and non- physical method offers owners a written "Life of the Dog Guarantee" to ensure if any behavioural problems arise that they are address free of charge for the owner. For certified dog behaviour improvement and dog training in Ontario and East Ottawa, pet owners should visit http:// about- us/ trainers/ dianne- richard- sarasin and experience the difference that 40- year expertise can offer.

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About Bark Busters Ottawa East: Bark Busters has helped over 500,000 dogs become better friends with their guardians. It aims to continue to helping pet owners. Bark Busters Ottawa East has forty years worth of observing, learning and hands on experience. Dianne Sarasin owns and services the Bark Busters franchise of Ottawa East and Quebec region. Company Contact Information: Bark Busters Ottawa East Dianne Sarasin 25 Menard Street, Embrun, Ontario, Canada K0A1W1 Phone: 613 -443-4310 Published in:

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Dog Trainers In Ottawa BarkBustersca Offers Clients 40Year Experience Of Care And Peace Of Mind