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Kona Bikes For 2011 Detailed At Offer The Latest Models For Biking Enthusiasts Dedicated to the Kona bike enthusiast, offers the latest information about Kona bikes, parts and accessories. Boca Raton, FL (I- Newswire) November 07, 2011 - Mountain biking offers both the exhilaration and fun to biker riders. A lasting hobby for many, biking gives enthusiasts a way to explore and reach certain places. Mountain bike action also comes with health rewards, as it helps individuals achieve the discipline needed to routinely exercise. In order to maximize the benefits of biking, bikers should be constantly on the lookout when it comes to buying a bicycle. The bike type and brand options can be overwhelming, but in the end, it all boils down to finding a trusted manufacturer with quality parts. With their dedication to engineering and quality materials, Kona bikes are rated among the highest in the MTB area when it comes to strong and lightweight frames. is an online shop that caters to the aficionados of the Kona Bikes brand. With offices in Ferndale, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia, the Kona Bikes bicycle company specializes in high- performance mountain bikes, racing and touring bicycles. Founded in 1988, Kona Bikes was founded and introduced the Cascade, its first ever bicycle product, and later changed the company name to Kona. The name is derived from Kailua- Kona, a place in Hawaii to where the company owners love to retreat. Kona Bikes has distributions in Sweden, France and England. In October of the same year, Kona Bikes launched its grassroots racing program, drawing over 3,000 bike riders and enthusiasts who have supported the event since its inception. Home to various types of Kona bikes, the website exhibits the Kona dual- suspension and Kona 2+2 mountain bikes; the Kona Hei Hei 100 bike, the Kona Band Wagon bike; the Kona Honky Inc. Bike; the Stinky Primo Mountain Bike; Dr. Fine Bike; and the Kona Paddy Wagon Bike. also provides information about the Kona 2011 lineup, which includes the Kona Tanuki 2011. Delighting Kona bike enthusiasts and MTB riders, offers photo display of the Kona bikes and accessories complete with price details. The website offers bicycle frames, saddles, moto long sleeves, kickstands, biker socks, mirrors, break shoe inserts, crank sets and fender sets, among many other Kona bike parts and accessories. People who love biking as a sport, a hobby or a fitness routine should visit http:// and discover top performing Kona bikes that have drawn crowds of biking enthusiasts.

Additional Resources About is a site dedicated to the loyal Kona Bike enthusiast. It offers the latest bikes and parts for the Kona bike. Company Contact Information: Media Relations Published in: Consumer Tags: kona tanuki 2011  mountain bike action    kona 2011     Published on: November 07, 2011

Kona Bikes For 2011 Detailed At KonaBikesnet Offer The Latest Models For Biking Enthusiasts is an online shop that caters to the aficionados of the Kona Bikes brand. With offices in Ferndale, Washington and Vancouver,...

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