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Bree Maresca- Kramer M.A. On The Advantages of Life Coaching Programs Bree Maresca- Kramer M.A. holds a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling, has fifteen years of clinical experience with working with individuals and couples, and is a Nationally Recognized Relationship Expert. New York, NY (I- Newswire) November 07, 2011 - Finding a life coach online is like finding the right doctor; it makes the healing journey that much easier, faster, and successful. A life coach can help accelerator you career path, assist in removing blocks, and direct and guide you with the right tools to ensure you attain the kind of thriving life you desire to have. The key is this process is finding a life coach online that works best for you. Below are some important elements to look for so you can make the right life coach choice. Finding A Life Coach Online Tip #1: Credentials. The life coach you pick needs to have the proper qualifications to get the job done effectively. The best type of life coach holds a graduate degree in the fields of either mental health or psychology. These degrees prepare the life coach to be able to work through blocks that the client may be aware or unaware of. Finding A Life Coach Online Tip #2: Experience. The right life coach for you has the knowledge, skill, and know- how to help you get to where you want to be in your personal and/ or professional life. These elements all stem from a strong foundation built on experience. Finding A Life Coach Online Tip #3: Versatility. The right life coach for you needs to be well versed in many areas. Men and women who are finding a life coach online are doing so for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for help with personal relationships, some for inner work, while others are seeking assistance in their professional life. Therefore, the right life coach for you can handle all of these types of scenarios. Finding A Life Coach Online Tip #4: Success Rate. Anyone can claim to have a great success rate but can they prove it? To find out when finding a life coach online be sure to ask if you can speak to any of their other clients to verify how they worked out for them. If the life coach is unwilling to provide other client contacts that you may speak with, move on and keep looking for another life coach. Finding A Life Coach Online Tip #5: Reputation. Just as in business, a life coach must been known for his or her credentials, experience, and success rate. When people hold a high opinion of a person or a business there is a reason- they have earned it. A life coach with a good reputation will have the backing to support it. They will have been published in reputable periodicals and been featured in the media. Finding A Life Coach Online Tip #6: Personal Fit. In order to gain the most benefits from working with a life coach, there must be a good fit. This means that your personality types, attitudes, and overall compatibility work well together. For example, if you are someone who does really well with lots of verbal praise to accomplish your goals, you need to make sure the life coach you pick provides that. The path to success for all of us is lined with the right people, tools, and inner strength. Finding a life coach online is an important part of that winning combination. Whether you want to increase your career success, create thriving personal relationships, or learn how to remove impeding road blocks from your life, it is vital to align yourself with a life coach hat works best for you. To work with Bree visit here!

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Published on: November 07, 2011

Bree MarescaKramer MA On The Advantages of Life Coaching Programs