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Network Marketing Team Partners with PennyRoyal Media to Fill Video Marketing Gap NetworkMarketingTeam.Org, the Internet's leading network marketing consumer protection and advocacy website has partnered with PennyRoyal Media. San Diego (I- Newswire) October 30, 2011 - Network Marketing Team.Org is proud to announce a new partnership with PennyRoyal Media to assist in the website's efforts to reach a wider Internet video subscriber group. While blog readers are still the main target audience of NetworkMarketingTeam.Org, the company understands the value, importance and requirement of modern websites to reach a vast video based audience online. PennyRoyal Media recently shot a documentary for an up- and- coming band based out of San Diego, CA called Bitter Sober, an all female rock band making waves throughout Southern California, however, the band has toured the nation east to west. The reason NetworkMarketingTeam.Org decided to partner with PennyRoyal Media is because the company has a track record of producing cutting edge video for a wide range of audiences, however, their principal area of concentration is new media and young- adult targeted markets. "Our new partnership with PennyRoyal Media means we will be hitting not only a new demographic but also means we will be targeting a larger audience online, namely, those who principally follow video marketing…" said Fritz Quindt V, CEO of Bands Back, LLC and Owner of the NetworkMarketingTeam.Org website. We have recognized that the Network Marketing industry, as a whole, has been effective at marketing principally through word of mouth, however, I am confident that the new generation of network marketer's will need to employ video marketing in their repertoire to be effective in the new age." About NetworkMarketingTeam.Org: About NetworkMarketingTeam.Org is dedicated to covering major events in the Network Marketing industry. Our informative site covers major developments, network marketing scam and fraud alerts, provides free training and support to network marketing professionals and also provides a free forum for network marketers to communicate with each other online. For more information, NetworkMarketingTeam.Org can be reached at +1-760-215-1844 and at http:// Post Comment: Trackback URL: http://

Additional Resources About Network Marketing: We are Network Marketing Team - an group of Multilevel marketers who came together on the internet to offer free information and tools to the masses to help people find a more profitable MLM experience. As a MLM advocacy group we are also dedicated to informing the public about the goings on in the industry; who's good to work with, where are the scams, is it a pyramid scheme, and how do you really make money. Company Contact Information: Network Marketing Fritz Quindt 17935 caminito pinero unit 272 92128 Phone: 7602151844 Published in: Business Tags: Business    network marketing    MLM    MULTILEVEL MARKETING    network marketing business    network marketing companies    network marketing forum     Published on: October 30, 2011

Network Marketing Team Partners with PennyRoyal Media to Fill Video Marketing Gap