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DEL Ozone VP Beth Hamil to Present at International Pool Spa Patio Expo DEL Ozone's VP Beth Hamil, will present guidelines at the Intl Pool Spa Patio Expo for aquatics professionals for compliance with the Model Aquatic Health Code's emerging recommendations for the secondary disinfection of public swimming venues. San Luis Obispo, California (I- Newswire) October 25, 2011 - DEL Ozone announces that Vice President of Compliance Beth Hamil will be presenting "Implementing Ozone as a Secondary Disinfection System in Public Swimming Venues" at the 2011 International Pool Spa Patio Expo in Las Vegas. Hamil will explain how ozone secondary disinfection systems can be used to achieve the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) goal of preventing Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs). Hamil's talk will clarify the MAHC guidelines and the reasoning and research behind them. The key point is the MAHC recognition that halogen- based disinfection methods are not adequately effective against some major threats, like Cryptosporidium parvum. In this context, the talk will provide practical design parameters for implementing an ozone secondary disinfection system that is compliant with MAHC requirements: • How to size an ozone system to be used in conjunction with a residual halogen. • Describe the basic components of an ozone system for public pools. • Outline the public health requirements for an ozone system for a public pool. Hamil says: "With DEL's advanced engineering and technology, we are able to design secondary disinfection systems that work effectively within the complexities of today's public pool operations and installed equipment, to make fully integrated sanitation systems that work under real world conditions. Our most important goal is to help prevent dangerous RWIs, and ozone is one powerful tool in that effort, especially when it is implemented in a well thought out design process." Hamil was the team leader in DEL Ozone's developing the first NSF- listed ozone sanitation systems for commercial pools in 1986. Benefiting from this long- term development, DEL ozone systems now meet or exceed the technical and health safety standards of the emerging MAHC. DEL Ozone offers these advanced systems as part of the DEL Aquatics Ozone Sanitation Program.

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About DEL Ozone: Established in 1975, DEL Ozone defined the standards for ozone sanitation in zoos and aquariums, pioneered ozone applications in swimming pools and introduced ozone to the spa industry. DEL offers world leading ozone technology for disinfection for industrial, aquatics and food safety applications. Consulting with state health department agencies since 1986, DEL also maintains a close working relationships with USEPA, CDC, FDA, USDA and NSF. With a dedication to the green movement for more than 30 years, DEL proudly offers environmentally friendly products and promotes a global reduction in chemical use. Company Contact Information: DEL Ozone Beth Hamil 3580 Sueldo Street 93401 Phone: 800.676.1335 x222 Published in: Events / Trade Shows Tags:

Tags: pool ozone    secondary disinfection    pool sanitation    ozone systems    model aquatic health code    mahc    pool disinfection     Published on: October 25, 2011

DEL Ozone VP Beth Hamil to Present at International Pool Spa Patio Expo