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12 Best New Science Toys for 2012 Kids can wire a boombox, design a mansion, solve mysteries, and more with the 12 best science toys for 2012 - released just in time for Christmas. Dig up artifacts, send treasures into the future, and pan for gold like an old- timey prospector. Lake Forest, IL (I- Newswire) October 30, 2012 - Less than two months until Christmas, and the toy experts at Discover This ( ) have identified the 12 best new science kits and toys of 2012. These science kits and toys have been selected based on educational value, play value, and overall product quality. Toys on the list have educational and innovative features that increase engagement in learning and set them apart from other toys. These new products are sure to engage and excite your family and friends this holiday season. 1. DJ Rock Dock (SmartLab): Kids learn about circuitry by wiring and assembling a mini- boom box sound dock that works with any MP3 player. Two boom box designs are included so kids can match it to their personal style. ($17.99) 2. Young Architect (Poof- Slinky): By designing floorplans, tracing furniture templates, and building large 3D models, kids learn the basics or architecture. Kids can create plans for enormous houses or simply build various structures with the see- through pieces. This is a big science kit with an incredible amount of replay value. ($79.99) 3. Pan for Gold (Dr. Cool): Little prospectors use a 10 inch pan to seek out their fortunes. 2 difficulty levels are included with a large display piece of Fool's Gold. The manual is filled with background information on the uses of gold and the California Gold Rush. ($19.95) 4. Archaeology Pyramid Dig (Thames & Kosmos): As an updated release of a classic TK kit, this pyramid requires excavation and is filled with fun experiments and knowledge. Everything starts with children deciphering hieroglyphics to find the secret mechanism that reveals the entrance to the pharaoh's tomb. ($22.40) 5. Time Capsule (Smithsonian): Even though the true enjoyment of this toy comes 10 or 20 years down the road, this should be standard issue for every child and every classroom. Keep memories safe in this water and dirt resistant canister. It has a plaque marker to indicate where it's buried and locks with a key. ($34.95) 6. Ant Farm Revolution (Uncle Milton): A whole new twist on the ant farm. Featuring a cylindrical design and a light in the base, the Revolution actually projects shadows of the ants crawling around inside it onto the ceiling. It makes for a truly unique nightlight as well. ($34.99) 7. Crime Catchers Spy Kit (Poof- Slinky): Two incredible mysteries are contained in this kit, and kids will have to engage in multiple science experiments to solve them. This science kit has a great story line and keeps kids actively engaged in trying to solve the mysteries with science. ($19.99) 8. Climate & Weather (Thames & Kosmos): 23 science experiments identify key elements of climate and weather events. Kids build a globe to explain the seasons and even use ice cubes on the poles, incense, and a lamp to demonstrate the global wind system. ($28.70) 9. 7 in 1 Solar Transformers (OWI): Kids can build 7 different snap together models that can all use the included rechargeable solar- powered motor. Some are designed for power and others for speed, and kids are sure to love setting them up and racing them over the included ramp. ($25.95) 10. Micro Wiz (C & A Scientific): A digital microscope that is perfect for smaller hands. It can be used like a traditional microscope, or the head slides off the base for viewing everyday objects around the house. It takes pictures, video, and connects to computers via USB. ($194.99) 11. Dinosaur Dig Kit (Dr. Cool): Not your standard square brick full of prizes. The brick is shaped like a T- Rex head and the prizes are real artifacts; a piece of dinosaur bone, dinosaur tooth, and even some petrified dinosaur poop. ($14.95) 12. Sprout House (SmartLab): For the younger crowd whose thumbs may not be quite the right shade of green yet. This greenhouse features a self- watering system for easy plant care, and there is a set of mystery seeds that children must plant, grow, and analyze to identify what they are. ($13.49) See them all in one place at the Best Toys of 2012 page only at Discover This.

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About Discover This: Discover This is a family operated business headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois. We only sell products that we would be comfortable giving our own children. All of these products are fun and non- violent, while they also keep children mentally active by engaging them in learning about the many exciting branches of science. These exciting new products are in stock and ready to ship from Discover This. Company Contact Information: Discover This Tim Benson 27885 Irma Lee Circle Suite 105 60045 Phone: 8479324720 Published in: Shopping Tags: science toys  science kits    best science toys     Published on: October 30, 2012 Original Source: 12 Best New Science Toys for 2012

12 Best New Science Toys for 2012