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Master Wilderness Photographer Rodney Lough Jr. Honored By The United Nations In early 2005 the United Nations invited Rodney Lough Jr to host their World Environment Day wherein they presented awards honoring good environmental works to 35 companies from all over the world. San Francisco, CA (I- Newswire) October 26, 2012 - With the entire world becoming more and more aware in recent years that Mother Nature might be suffering under the influence of too much human development, the United Nations held an event dubbed World Environment Day, and they honored Rodney Lough Jr. by asking him to host the event at his Pier 39 Gallery, in San Francisco. It was a night to remember with attendees offered the chance to wander among Rodney's stunning photographs while networking and learning about environmental businesses from far and wide. The event was attended by diplomats and politicians from all around the world, including the mayor of Nairobi and several representatives of the United Nations. Rodney Lough Jr. was further honored when the U.N. commissioned him to design the awards themselves to be given out to the businesses invited to attend. He designed two separate awards for the ceremony: an "Environmental Services Award" and the "Green Business Award." The Master Photographer put a great deal of thought into his designs, and you could tell. The final result was truly beautiful, and all the recipients were grateful and excited to take home their awards. The evening finished with a surprise award for Rodney himself. The United Nations presented him with a certificate of thanks and distinction for his good works to protect and promote nature and all its wonders. The photographer was honored and humbled, and said that it was a night he would never forget. Rodney likes to joke about having received so many awards for his work over the years that there are boxes of them lying around the studio, and it's true that there are. But this award stands out. This award did not go in a box, but went on the wall in his office, holding a special place next to his college degrees.

Additional Resources About Rodney Lough Jr. Wilderness Collections Gallery: Rodney Lough Jr., Master Wilderness Photographer, independently owns three Wilderness Collections Gallery locations - Las Vegas, San Francisco, Sausalito. His studio is located in Portland, Oregon where he uses a traditional wet chemical process to create, frame, pack and ship all of his photographs. Famous for his dedication to detail, his large format film photographs of nature's most secluded places highlight the flawless beauty of the world around us. Earning numerous awards, honors and accolades, most notably a Master Of Photography Degree from the Professional Photographers of America. He is regularly active in the field creating fine art photographs, leading workshops and opening new gallery locations. Company Contact Information: Rodney Lough Jr. Wilderness Collections Gallery Rodney Lough Jr 16735 SE Ken's Court, Ste. D, Milwaukie, Oregon 97267 Phone: 503.654.8410 Published in: Art & Entertainment Tags: nature photography  wilderness photography    Master Wilderness Photographer     Published on: October 26, 2012 Original Source: Master Wilderness Photographer Rodney Lough Jr. Honored By The United Nations

Master Wilderness Photographer Rodney Lough Jr Honored By The United Nations  
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